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  1. Great CR 80 mods. Low end??YES!!!

    Moose spacer available for the KX???? One of the Boys is riding a KX 85. Do you know if they make the intake spacer for the KX85? Thanks Also: where did you order the Mosse intake spacer - I need for Honda and Kawasaki (if they make it). Thanks again.
  2. Where in Iowa or Missouri

    :ride: I'm in Madison Wisconsin and the family is taking a long weekend to practice ride MX October 28 (Thursday) through Sunday. We have from PeeWee through 250 (six players in all). Heading south a bit for slightly warmer weather. Looking for a place that is still grooming the track and...
  3. Day 1

    Awsome, Thanks for the update and please keep them coming. The clan plans to be there Thursday but till then rip it up.
  4. DirtWeek Registration link ?

    Did the Paypal, did the registration form but can't locate the waiver form, please help an incompetent PC user.
  5. Kids Under The Big Top

    Contribution Not that I'm loaded but I'll be bring a few kids and I would like to make a $ contribution to help out with stuffing stuff and the cost of making. Really appreciate you doing something like this for the kids. Let me know and address I could send you a check. Thanks
  6. The Saturday evening pigout!

    You got me the, great idea. 2 adults and 4 kids
  7. Kids MX classes how to divide them

    I like following the A and B idea through on the races, just as it was done for the adults. A and B for all groupings 50's, 65's, 80's. The A class for 80's I think would enjoy the big track. Depending on what shows there could be a 4-stroke class for pw80, ttr90, rm/klx110.
  8. DW03 Pig-out meal.

    Sound like a great idea. From a practical perspective it is closeout time for those that have a long ride home and this would help. Also, I could see it being a great social closure, the awards presentation some special mentions and all with food and drink. Fantsatic way to end a great week.
  9. LBL - Turkey Bay - Thanksgiving holiday

    Sorry, basic question but where's that at?
  10. Monroe WI, My Personal MX Track

    Residing near Madison, WI - Where are you?
  11. 800 MX Park in Crofton Kentucky

    This Rocks. Got a quesetion toss it out there and badda Bing - yea get feedback. I'll check out the information and let you know what I find. It would be great to see some of you at the track!
  12. 800 MX Park in Crofton Kentucky

    Did check out te Web site. I also spoke with a person who works at the track. He said the owner of 800 MX use to run APEX. But that currently APEX is closed. I'm thinking of a road trip over the Thanksgiving weekend to 800 MX.
  13. 800 MX Park in Crofton Kentucky

    Looking for insite as to what the Park is like. Thanks
  14. Riding on the Bird weekend

    Calling from Wisconsin in the capital city. I'm seeing a four day weekend that with a bit a travel could include a bit of riding. Criteria: Looking for day temps in the 55 to 60ish, MX track, open grass area, trails. I have a peewee sr. rider loves MX, a first time rider (4yrs old) needs a...