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  1. Which 300 - KTM, Gas Gas, or TM Racing?

    2 stroke diehard, have you ridden anything other than a ktm? Sure doesn't sound like it... If 4 stroke type power delivery and decent handling is important to you, the GG is what you're looking for. If you're looking for a more aggressive bike with awesome handling and suspension and reliability...
  2. Japanese or European 250 2-storke

    In terms of handling I'd go for the yz. The ktm has smoother, more friendly power delivery though. I'd get a husky or TM250/300 over any of those options.
  3. I'm a rut wuss!!

    Ruts are your friends... Ok... my friends. Good excuse to link my pic page ;). Ruts caused by water runoff are another story, Ol89 seems on the money there.
  4. Dirt Bike Vs. Atv For Safety

    DRN is not the place to go for unbiased opinions on quads. I've spent many thousands of hours on both quads and dirtbikes. All my injuries have been on dirtbikes. That doesn't mean I think either is "safer".
  5. Knarly Technical Single Trac Riding

    I ride this stuff almost exclusively. Speedymaniac is on the money. Tons of practice and riding with and observing better riders. Much more useful than specific tips such as "go faster". Your local bike club may have guys who have tons of experience and or skill and is a good place to start...
  6. anyone here ride quads

    I have both and usually pick whichever I can go faster on. The quad for wide slippery trails with lots of flat corners and grasstrack, the bike for everything else. The ppl I ride with consider the quad cheating since it doesn't require much skill or effort to keep up with the bikes when the...
  7. Just bought new TM250 2T

    I rode an 05 TM250 and 300 recently with ohlins front and rear. The power delivery on the 250 to me was 125 style, not much bottom, lots of mid and top. Quite manageable but tiring in the long run. The 300 would be my choice for the extra bottom. The handling on both bikes is awesome. Both bikes...
  8. Went to KTM yesterday WOW

    I ride a few new ktms a year and always wonder why they're so popular.... Then again I ride a Husky. Along with TM and GG, Husky make ktms look fairly average handling wise. But at least they are orange :cool:
  9. Do you have any unique rituals you do when you ride?

    Same except I don't forget :).
  10. 2004 Husky wr 250

    gilly I often only get 60k before hitting reserve. If range is really important you could try the other slide (no 4) and the 60 needle on the 2nd top clip. I haven't tried the leaner slide in the 05 but I found it increased fuel range a fair bit in my 04 at the expense of a bit of low end power...
  11. Wild ’05 WR 250. How to tame?

    What exact jetting do you have? Mine has minor jetting mods but is otherwise stock. The power is extremely smooth and there's lots of it. There is nothing resembling a hit... I am using a 14t sprocket to make more wr like :).
  12. 2004 Husky wr 250

    gday silvergilly. Where are you riding? I'm about 100k se of melbourne and find the 30 pilot a bit lean (32.5 is right) and went back to the 400 main from a 380 since it was pinging under heavy load at wfo. This is my 4th husky wr250 and the best in every way except the forks! Stiction city :(...
  13. Quick Poll. 2-Stroke, 4-stroke or both

    Interesting result. I was thinking 4ts would outnumber 2ts 10:1 these days in the US... I'm sticking with my 2 strokes as well for the time being.
  14. looking for a expert,nobody can fix this husky

    had a stator burn on my 02 which gave symptoms like you describe. Caused by the headlight shorting out in a crash in my case..
  15. Husky 250

    I always found the 32.5 pilot to be right on my 02 and 04 and probably my 05. I have a 30 in my 05 now and that is too lean while the 35 is too rich. This is with the #3 slide, 60 needle on the 2nd top clip and a 370 main @ 40:1. This worked well enough everywhere I rode from sea level to 1000+...