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  1. Where's my posting gone?

    This one? (If you go to User CP->My Profile you can click the link to find all your posts.)
  2. Hummer H2

    Seen this? Looks like it would be "interesting" during the loading and unloading process.
  3. Solen Bikes, HELP!!

    Sucks :( In the future, I recommend getting insurance on them. Especially new bikes. I have both my 2004 Honda dirt bikes covered for about $100/year against theft. It's worth it. When they get older, and lose value, I'll drop it.
  4. New truck w/ bedliner

    Strange. I've never heard of a bed liner that covered those. Mine has openings that the tie down points come through. (Actually, you unbolt them, put the liner in, then bolt them back in and they help hold the liner in.)
  5. XR650L 2-Up

    Thanks. The 2-up would be mostly for short street trips anyway.
  6. New truck w/ bedliner

    You don't have tie down points in the bed already? My F150 (and the 2 F150's I had before it) has them in there... I thought the ranger did too.
  7. XR650L 2-Up

    Anyone use an XR650L for 2-up riding much? How is it? (Total weight of rider and passenger would be less than 300lbs in my case.)
  8. Submit your black bike pics?

    Here's my black bike.... ...but it may not be what you had in mind. :nener: I was looking for some black plastics for my XR400, but I haven't had any luck finding a complete set yet. Any ideas?
  9. Okiewan Named KDX'er of The Year

    Remove your subscription for this thread in your UserCP. You may also want to change the option that automatically subscribes you to every thread you reply to, also.
  10. Okiewan Named KDX'er of The Year

    It shows everyone their own name. Not yours.
  11. Can you handle a challenge?

    Yeah, hopefully someone will convert the NEW Penguin Bashing, where you get 5 swings and your score is the total of all your swings.
  12. Thread download

    Ah, I see what it is. On DRN, the maxiumum posts-per-page you can choose in your UserCP is 40. So, that's the max it will show on the Print Friendly page. I have mine running up to 100, so it allows that. Still, it doesn't make you permanently change your posts-per-page, and cuts out all...
  13. Thread download

    Hmm. It's acting different here... Only shows 40 per page or something. On my site it does 100. Maybe it's a setting somewhere...
  14. Thread download

    If you go to the Print Friendly view (under Thread Tools), you get 100 posts per page, and no extra graphics. Then just save each page (if there is more than one.)
  15. Good StreetBike Forum?

    If you've never ridden on the street before, check out If you plan to get a Honda street bike, check out my site for info. :eek: (or