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    HBD Okie

    HBD to my older brother... ha
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    HBD Okie

    Happy birthday! Its perfect outside...hope you get to relax a bit today and enjoy it!
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    Red Bull X Fighters!

    I will go next year... I dont care how hot it is. This is the 2nd year I have drooled over tickets and didnt go. I just couldnt imagine standing in 103 degrees without a pool near by. JF44 - how is the 'arena'? I cant picture where in the Stockyards it would be held. Told the husband - next...
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    HBD Pokie w/Pics!

    Happy Bday dad! You da' man.
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    Wrench! Great to see ya around again. What is the world coming to? We need to link this thread with Zios... names in here I havent seen in a LONG time. Good to have everyone back. Who needs Facebook?
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    Zio! Its great to hear from you!!! Glad things are well with you and the family. Its been too long since the last DW. I miss the smell of racing fuel, the sound of 100s of bikes all around me, the lights of a Nighttime Poker Run and Camp Tejas food. Dont have to ride to have the time of your...
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    man down, pimp in distress..

    Yikes Indy! Glad you are doing better, but sound like you have a way to go still. As everyone already said, give PT 110%. Shiftless had to be 'knocked out' while the Dr "bent" her knee after scar tissue built up after knee replacement surgery. Not fun, but at least you would be knocked out...
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    Pokie & Shiftless

    LOL! You had me there for a second... I actually had to think about that first sentence and wonder where I was and why I didnt know! Thanks Jeff. HA
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    Please keep us in your Prayers

    That is fantastic! I am so happy for you all. I think its great she was able to sneak home for a quick visit. Every little bit of normalcy makes a big difference in a recovery. She will remain in our prayers for a full and swift recovery.
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    Merry Christmas from the Okie Clan

    Christmas was so special for our family, more so than ever. We are so grateful that mom is better than ever. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Gifts are good, but family is a blessing. Pokie - handsome devil.
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    Please keep us in your Prayers

    My prayers are with you all. There will be good days and bad, and fighting the fear that is balled up in your chest can be overwhelming and heavy. Say a prayer, try to stay positive and take things as they come. Thats all you can do. Our family came so close to loosing mom (shiftless)last March...
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    Happy Birthday Squeaky

    HBD Squeeky!
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    Happy Birthday Crispy !!!!!

    Thanks everyone. Nothing better than wearing shorts on your birthday. I sure do love Tejas!
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    home on pass

    You are in my thoughts and prayers as always Sarge. Give your commrades in arms our most sincere THANK YOUs and they are also in our hearts and minds. Good luck in ALL your endeavors, here and abroad. Chris
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    Happy Birthday Shiftless !!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy on you birthday mom! Youre the awesomest. Love you!