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  1. Reno Ride information - Feb 17-20th 2005

    Hi Heather, Looking forward to riding with you again! :ride: Will and Jen
  2. Throttle issues on 2000 YZ250

    Hey guys, Thanks for the comments, however, I have already taken care of the recall issue (replaced throttle assembly all parts including the cable wheel). I'm looking for something more hard to find... Any help would be greatly appreciated! BigLou? You going to Reno again this year?
  3. Throttle issues on 2000 YZ250

    Need help diagnosing a problem. Problem: About every second or third time out on the bike, the throttle will just take off and rev to the limit while I'm riding. I roll off the throttle but it has no effect. I have to save myself from crashing by clutching it and hitting the kill switch...
  4. Reno Ride information - Feb 17-20th 2005

    Hey, instead of POD Racing out in the north 40, maybe we could set up a bobsled run... :aj:
  5. Bikes for the Ladies

    :cool: As I am constantly on the lookout for CJ's next bike :debil: , I thought I'd pass along the link for this site. May be useful for those of you who want to get onto a bike but are deterred by the specs (height). Cheers! - Will
  6. Is the Reno ride worth it?

    :aj: We've made it every year since the start, and its 1100 miles each way to get there and home. Wouldn't miss the Reno Ride for anything! Best group of people I've ever had the pleasure of riding with. Bringin 4 bikes this year! :p Two dirtbikes and two trials bikes. I like the...
  7. Let's Go!

    Hey Katie and Alan! Hope you're having a good 24-hour race! Cheers, Will
  8. 95 Gas Gas 321 - Opinions?

    Wayne, Thanks again for the help! After looking at, it appears that I picked up a 1996 JTR370. It seems to run strong, and I rode it around a little course in the back yard most of the afternoon without any problems. The fan DOES come on after about 5 minutes and pretty much...
  9. 95 Gas Gas 321 - Opinions?

    Thanks Wayne! I gave it a good once over. It's not a complete basket case, so I bought it. Now I just wish I knew what it was. The former owner didn't really know. He said other people had told him they thought it was a 1995 321, althought it's stamped with a 350cc on the left side of the...
  10. 95 Gas Gas 321 - Opinions?

    Going to go look at a used 321 tomorrow. Any known things to look for? It's being advertised for REALLY cheap, and the owner claims that it's cosmetically challenged but mechanically sound. What should I look for? BTW, this will be my first trials bike. I'm buying CHEAP in case it turns...
  11. Let's Go!

    So, the big question is...... Is it gonna be the traditional Valentine's Day weekend (14th)? Or President's Day weekend (21st)? This'll be the first year since it started that Valentine's Day doesn't coincide with a holiday weekend (a crucial 1 day advantage for those of us drivin...
  12. I don't get it

    I sent him a PM asking very nicely to cancel my automatic paypal charge. It's not that I don't like it here, it's just that I don't ever post or read here anymore. No ill feelings, I've just moved on in life and don't care to spend $12 on something I never use. So anyway, BAM! Within...
  13. 2004 Ladies' Valentines Day Spodefest (Reno)

    Cool. Thanks man. That was the ticket. I was making the mistake of asking for the Lodge which is the 3-story and more expensive rooms, instead of the Motor Lodge, which is the 1-story ghetto. :thumb: Booked at the Peppermill again! :) $29 for Wednesday and Thursday nights $49 for...
  14. 2004 Ladies' Valentines Day Spodefest (Reno)

    And the following morning was the BEST riding! :)
  15. 2004 Ladies' Valentines Day Spodefest (Reno)

    To all: I posted a few pages back about getting a group discount rate. $89/night Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If anyone has found a better rate for those night, please post how you got it. Otherwise, it would be nice to team up and get the group rate directly from the Peppermill. We need...