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  1. Off-Topic How the heck is everyone

    I don’t know how many of you remember me. I was at Dirt Week 2003. Just a mere 15 years ago. I don’t know why but I was thinking about DW03 and looking at some pictures. It was so much fun with the best people. I’m retired now and the KDX is long gone replaced by Harley of course. Thanks for the...
  2. I want my Dirt Week!

    Dirtweek. One of the best times I ever had in my life. It was worth the 23 hour drive. Miss you guys.
  3. Line 6 vs. Marshall

    My kid has a 5150 with a marshall cab. Very loud and crunchy. Seeing your from Weedsport maybe you have seen Building on Fire before they broke up. If you did you know they were loud.
  4. HBD Dapper Dan!

    No more Dirt bikes for Dapper. Too many crashes in my youth. Not walking very well anymore.
  5. HBD Dapper Dan!

    Thanks Lou! Miss you guys. I still shop by once in a while. Say Hey to everyone for me. ;)
  6. Goodbye

    Long story but, has nothing to do with not having a bike. I signed up and didn't have a bike. It's nothing life threatening or sickness. I won't bore everyone with the details. I'll be back. :moon:
  7. Goodbye

    This is probably my last post. I just wanted to say I'm made some pretty good friends over the last 3 years on this site and at DW03. It's been great and I miss all of you and will always have a soft spot in my head oh I mean heart for my DRN friends. Here hoping everyone has a safe and Happy...
  8. Are these MX tracks still around?

  9. OMG ... biglou is 40!!!!

    Lou!! My main man. HBD!!!! your catching up :)
  10. Happy Birthday Dapper!

    The Yaks must have heard I was in town. Not one in sight ;) Thanks Guys!
  11. Happy Birthday Dapper!

    Thanks Kiddo, I'm so old I forgot my own Birthday. :coocoo:
  12. Last man Standing and SX on Speed today!!

    cool I thought it was pretty funny when Guy Cooper ask where the white flag was after he quit. That was knarly. Also neat to see the pro's are human and crash just like the rest of us.
  13. Missing DirtWeek

    I wanted to go in 2003 and I went. It was great. So many new friends. I am now bikeless and it feels weird. I think I'll go outside and throw myself against a tree and roll in the mud (if it were only red). That should help but, I'll still miss one of the best times I ever had. Thanks to all of...
  14. New KDX Owner

    Congats to Bleeb!! He just picked up a great KDX 220R from Yours Truely. Have Fun and be safe. :ride: