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  1. A3: Srewart Takes out Anderson?

    You could see it coming the entire straightaway before. Lots of grey area on these things, but I think Malcolm lost his cool when Anderson passed him. In the 450 main, I hear Dungey's takedown of James was even worse, but not covered by FS1.
  2. Barcia takes out Roczen ? Take out? You decide!

    Not sure about the 'clean' part, but just racing, IMO. Love the helmet cam. Damn, those guys are fast.
  3. Need help on what's wrong with my cr 125

    Check to make sure the power valve (aka the variable exhaust port) is opening properly. Not sure about the 125, but the CR250 has an inspection plug that you remove. You rev the bike in neutral and can verify that the power valve is opening. The power valve staying closed will make the...
  4. Good Deal or Rip off ?2005 YZ250

    Sounds like a really nice bike and certainly worth a premium over the typical $1500 - $2000 bikes you are seeing on Craigslist. Have not been in the market for a bike lately, but that does seem like too much for a 2005 YZ250, even low hours and with all the costly goodies on it. The...
  5. VIN on a Yamaha 100

    That would be an '82 YZ100J. The link I posted earlier shows the '81 would not begin 5X3 and the '83 would have a higher VIN, like 5X306xxx. I hope you are able to find the parts you need - I bet the '83 will be almost identicial to your '82 and share just about everything.
  6. VIN on a Yamaha 100

    Sorry, don't know about parts sharing. The YZ100 was supposed to be a very fun bike to ride, but I remember them being somewhat smaller than the YZ125. I think production was always a lot less than the YZ80 and the YZ125. FWIW, the VIN on the '81 YZ100 begins with 3R2 like the '80...
  7. VIN on a Yamaha 100

    The VIN is the 9 digit number stamped on the steering head. The first 3 digits will help you identify the model. This site is helpful for old Yamahas It looks like the first 3 digits on a 1980 YZ100 are 3R2. For a 1980...
  8. Front Suspension Setup

    Yeah, been a long time since I've looked at Race Tech fork spring recommendations, but I remember them being at least 3 or 4 steps too stiff for anything but pro level Supercross, lol. Also been a long time since I've had a KDX, but IMO a 0.42kg/mm spring rate is probably in the ball park...
  9. Kurt Caselli passed away...

    Such tragic news. FWIW, in the coverage I've seen, the mainstream LA press and television news have treated Kurt and his chosen sport with respect. That is appreciated during this difficult time.
  10. 1997 cr250 Really hard clutch pull

    If it's hard to pull, it's usually because the cable is bad,or someone routed the cable incorrectly. I would replace the cable first. If the old cable is frayed on the inside, lubing it will not help much.
  11. 1987 kdx 80 jetting

    According to the parts diagrams at the stock main is a 190, the pilot is a 30 and the needle is an O-6. Needle jet is a 5I14. Never had a KDX80, but all 3 of the bigger KDX's I've owned were jetted way too rich by Kawasaki.
  12. A good place to buy parts? Sudco??

    For Fredette, you will probably have to call for used parts availability and prices. Many businesses don't have all their items shown on their websites.
  13. A good place to buy parts? Sudco??

    You could try Jeff Fredette at Fredette Racing Products for KDX specific parts. Have not had a KDX for many years, but he used to have some used parts.
  14. Strange things found while riding

    Did come across some sort of gathering of folks in the middle of nowhere. This was between Middle Creek and Stonyford, Northern Cal. Quite remote, only a few trails and dirt roads in the area and a long long way from any pavement. Out of the 100 or so people there, maybe ten were skinny...
  15. HBD Vic

    Have a good one, Vic!