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  1. FMF or PC

    just installed gnarly woods and powerecore2 on 04 200. top mounting holes didn't line up perfectly. real close though. had to elongate hole slot another 1/8 or 3/16 with air die grinder. as far as performance, wow! also installed boyesen power reeds and rejetted carb to 155 main and 45 pilot...
  2. Ready for 2 stroke?

    I would suggest a kx100 for your height and weight if you looking for a two stroke. It has an exhaust power valve to help improve low end. Still not quite as much low end torque as a four stroke but simple sprocket changes can help alot. I also like the effect of a 10 oz. flywheel weight. The...
  3. What bike next?

    I wouldn't spend 350 on a clutch kit. I would put that money towards another bike. Were you looking to stay with a four stroke trail/offroad bike or were you looking for a two stroke mx type with more pep and suspension?
  4. what kind of oil

    10w-40 non-synthetic. I believe one quart should be enough.
  5. kdx 200 or kdx220

    I was in the same situation a few weeks ago. I got 98 kdx200 and needed to get another kdx for my nephew. Kinda wanted a 220 simply because I already had 200. But $400 for 16 more cc's and o-ring chain? Dirtrider kdx shootout said that stock vs. stock, the 200 was a better buy, bike. However...
  6. Best Bike For Soon To Be 11 Year Old

    a kx100 for a 4'-6" 65 lb. youngster coming off of a clutchless xr70? Don't even think about it. Why not save even more money and just get him a kx500 :yikes: Seat ht on a kx100 is 34". He's not use to a clutch so naturally he's going to stall it. Then what? Is he suppose to balance the bike...
  7. Best Bike For Soon To Be 11 Year Old

    you may want to consider something like a xr100 or ttr125 until he really gets use the clutch thing. 4'-6" is awfully short for a mx type 85
  8. Is platinum 2 worth it?

    I already ordered the fmf gnarly woods and powercore 2 silencer from Pipe was 179 and silencer 75. Blowout special . $60 less for complete exhaust system than anyone else!!! Couldn't pass up that kind of deal. :cool:
  9. Best Bike For Soon To Be 11 Year Old

    get one with an exhaust power valve. That will help with low end. Change sprockets to gear it down will also help. A flywheel weight will help smooth out the powerband hit and produce smoother tractable power. 2 stroke mx bikes don't even compare to an xr70 but once the child gets familiar with...
  10. Oil for 1991 kdx200

    10w-30 can be used but it is recommended for cooler temps. The manual says 10w-30 can be used up to 86 degrees F. 10w-40 up to 104 degrees. I'm not postitive but I think I've heard that synthetic oils are not recommended for the tranny.
  11. Is platinum 2 worth it?

    I'm getting ready to change my stock pipe and silencer. I've heard great things about the new platinum 2 pipe and was leaning towards it because it's same price as fmf. However, I just found a place where I can buy the fmf pipe for $28 less. Is the platinum 2 pipe still worth the extra $$?
  12. Pipe upgrade

    yes, the gnarly woods pipe is the torque version- low to mid rpm range. The stock silencer can be used with the fmf pipe so I am told. I'm getting ready to change both pipe and silencer on my 200.
  13. How much Spooge?

    what is your fuel/oil ratio? What brand oil are you using?
  14. Do I need an octane booster for kdx?

    I am using 87 octane gas in my kdx's becuase it's all that I can get delivered here to my farm in bulk. The manual calls for 90 octane. Should I use an octane booster? If so, which one? Or should I just go in town and buy 90+ octane gas?
  15. 80 going on to 125 or 250?

    kouba links for the rear suspension links. Some refer to them as dog bones because of their shape. Slide the forks up in the triple clamps.