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  1. Big Dude

    I'm 6' and 185 lbs. I just sold my Yz125. It was a great bike. Pretty much indestructible. It could haul me around easily. I now have a Yz250 and love the power. Either or would be fine. If you do get the 250 just take it easy at first. BUt for sure a 125 cc 2 stroke would do you great.
  2. Honda CR 500 for begginer??? Or not

    Very true. I wouldn't blame the bike. That's too bad you got hurt. Get well soon. When you are able you'll really need to focus on building muscle where you got hurt.
  3. Another What Bike to Get Thread...

    Don't take this offensively but last year you said you weighed 190 and you planned on losing weight and this year you weigh 230 and you still plan on losing weight. So regardless if you gain or lose weight I think you should stick with the choice of an XR400, if you can find one. A 250 would do...
  4. Is this a good first bike for me

    It's a 250.... Just start riding with caution. You aren't very heavy or tall so this bike has the capability of throwing your sorry A$$ around. It's meant for racing, all Rm's are. Go for it. Just take it really easy at first. You may get hurt if you have no riding experience at all. Have fun!
  5. Help... Another 1!!!

    I'm gonna be nice and just tell you to go with the Yz250 or CR250. First off is that they are cheaper to repair. They Yz400f and 426f are a little more money if something does decide to need repairing. If you absolutely have to go with the four stroke take the 426. But all the bikes will have...
  6. Honda CR 500 for begginer??? Or not

    You've got riding experience at least. Try it and see. I've never ridden as 500 but I know it has tonnes of bottom end compared to a 250. As for your yz 125 those are indestructible. If you can sell the 500 easily I say do it.
  7. Looks like the wifey is out for the season!

    need to get some PW 50's. Congrats
  8. Ignition air filters?

    looks like nobody has heard of em'?
  9. Over the hill beginner - can I ride into my 60's?

    Stretching is crucial. Even at 23 I NEED to stretch. Big thing you have to focus on is the legs. I feel alot more pain and aches when I don't stretch. You'll see yourself.
  10. brent from canada

    I live in Northern Alberta (Fort McMurray) Muskeg can be fun... sometimes. Just gotta PIN IT! I come out black
  11. Over the hill beginner - can I ride into my 60's?

    I'm 23, I just wanted to say that you're not old till you're 75. It's all in your mind. If you feel young you are. If you feel old, you are. I don't consider 40's or 50's to be old. It's like the new 30. Get out there and kick some A S S. I play lacrosse with 55 year old men who can run laps...
  12. Gutless One-two-five

    must have had a junker. These bikes are quick regardless of what others say.
  13. Ignition air filters?

    Anybody ever try Ignition Air filters?? They are cheaper then twin air and UNI's but I was wondering if they are any good?
  14. Gutless One-two-five

    Check your clutch and your clutch cable....