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  1. HOW TO: Clutch cable replacement

    sorry guys i wrote it wrong i know which end is which but i dont know how to conect the end in clutch
  2. HOW TO: Clutch cable replacement

    I need to replace my clutch cable i now what route to follow how to adjust it and conect it to the lever but i have no idea with the end that acutually goes into where the clutch is. Could you give me a step my step of how to replace the cable from begingin to end thanx it would be muchly apreciated
  3. Help With Tripple Combo

    At my local MX track there is a a sharp flat 2nd gear corner closley followed by a tripple then a another 180 sharp 1st gear bured corner. My problem is this i usally get over these tripple with a double then single combo, but after watching the SX there is sooo much timed to be saved by...
  4. MY Clutch Problem Found!!!!!

    no worries thnax guys
  5. MY Clutch Problem Found!!!!!

    Well i put up a thread in this forum the other day explaining how my clutch was draging, and when i put it in gear with the clutch in it wanted to stall. I thought it was the fibre plates and some of you said it may be a notchy basket. Well today i took my bike for a thrash and the clutch...
  6. Clutch's ??????

    I am out near castle hill UTS. Thanx for the advie guys and i hope its just the fibres as if i need a new basket i will have an empty wallet.
  7. Clutch's ??????

    Ive noticed for about the past month or so that my clutch isnt engagaing properly and as a result iam getting clutch drag. (when i put it in firt with clutch all the way in it wants to move or stall and clutch is adjusted all the way) I've spoken to some shops here is oz and they tell me they...
  8. DirtWeek Registration link ?

    You guys should seriously run something like this down here in OZ you would can an enormous responce
  9. What is DirtWeek?

    See stuff like this is alsome to go to or even just to watch and great for the sport, and although i would love to go i live in australia. Nothing like dirt week is ever organised over here, although MX is pritty big over here nothing ever gets organised
  10. To Bail or not to Bail

    Well i dont really understand your situation. However the only time i bail is if i can see my bike is goin land short and not quiet make the landing ramp :yikes: . The reason being the bike is going to hit it and stop but i wont. other then that i try to ride stuff out one because at those...
  11. Leg out in turn???

    Some advice i have been given and i dont know how it works but it does is, while you are learning and have your in side foot pointed forward in the turn, puch down as hard as you can with you oppersite foot on the peg. As i dont understand how it works but it does. It helped me maintain heaps...
  12. wheelies

    i found on my bike (KTM250) you dont need any clutch. Just ride along in first gear low revs sit back open the gas and tug up the handle bars. I get to the point where i fell like iam goin to fall off (usually a bit b4 band kicks in) then i shift. The front drops a bit but soon pops back up and...
  13. [RIDING TIPS] suggestions needed

    Yeah i am not far from paramatta i am at rouse hill near catsle hill, yeah first ill wear them in and move it up a spline but if it doesnt work ill take your advice and chop, extend and weld it. thanx for the advice
  14. best 50/50 woods/mx bike?

    If you want a good all round bike for trail and MX i would but a KTM250exc/sx. i have owned yz's and cr's and my KTM i have now is just as good if not better on the MX track and it is 10 times better to ride on trails.
  15. [RIDING TIPS] suggestions needed

    i'am from Western Sydney Grinch, and yeah as some of you have metioned i do have fairly big feet around US13 but i think i will try and move the shifter up one spline