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  1. Southern Spodefest

    I love teats :coocoo:
  2. Southern Spodefest

    I have to help the girlfriend move into her new place this weekend, so there's no chance of an eastward lemming migration for this spodefest :ohmy:
  3. Southern Spodefest

    So I come out of retirement and now everyone gets quiet. Let me guess, you've started a new thread that I don't have access to and have set a new date for the Southern Spodefest :coocoo:
  4. Southern Spodefest

    Let's try seals, or maybe just a Hilton :)
  5. Southern Spodefest

    As I get older I've learned to spin a mean yarn, even if I have to embelish on the story. This is especially true since I can no longer afford to spend all my energy to make sure that I am faster than Goober, I mean Gomez, eer Gomer. Instead, I now spend my energy hunting down unsuspecting...
  6. Southern Spodefest

    That first weekend in April is open for me. I may have to buy some "heat-n-eat" burritoes and take a drive :yikes:
  7. Southern Spodefest

    One time at band camp.....
  8. Suthin SF - Aonia Pass , Georgia

    Where to start? First, I had a great time and as usual all the folks were great, helpful, and interesting; it was great to meet most of you :nener: A big thanks goes out to HLG for shimming my valves (can I say that in public???) on Sat morning as a made the MickieD's breakfest run. He did...
  9. Who is in? Suthin SF Aonia May 7, 8 & 9

    Well, good news for all spodefest attendees, JP has decided not to grace you with his presence. I believe that calls for great abuse to be heaved upon him :uh: In fact I'll start. I believe that he is scared to get back on a bike. See the last time we were riding he was having a good ol'...
  10. Who is in? Suthin SF Aonia May 7, 8 & 9

    Can anyone post directions? Specifically, after getting on 78 you go xx miles and turn left on which road???
  11. Who is in? Suthin SF Aonia May 7, 8 & 9

    Hmmm, JP in a black nightie and HLG in his pink totoo, glad I've got may camera packed :thumb:
  12. Who is in? Suthin SF Aonia May 7, 8 & 9

    Not sure yet when I can get away from work tomorrow. My best guess is that I'll be arriving around 8pm. I'll be in a black Ford Exploder pulling a white v-nose trailer. You'll know us as we pull in since JP will likely be standing on top of the trailer doing his stripper routine :laugh:
  13. Who is in? Suthin SF Aonia May 7, 8 & 9

    I'll be camping in either the bike trailer or the back of my Exploder. Thanks Gomme, it's the intake that needs work. I can't wait for this weekend, I have'nt been on the bike in over a month :(
  14. Stolen Bike 2002 YZ250F Reward

    That sucks, hope you find the SOBs.
  15. Who is in? Suthin SF Aonia May 7, 8 & 9

    I'm trying to talk JP into coming, I even offered to let him ride my CRF that is for sale. Regardless, since the bike hasn't sold yet, I'll bring it along and maybe ride it once or twice and try to entice someone to buy it. It's been hard to start lately so I checked the valves today and they...