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  1. Just bought 01 CR250

    jetting can be fixed, TALK TO PEOPLE THAT OWN THE BIKE AND HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE TO FIX THINGS, i changed a main and a pilot, have no promblems.
  2. Just bought 01 CR250

    great bike,put a pipe protector(e-line)on, stock pipe is the best overall pipe there is,anti sieze the chain adjusters (take them out) aluminum bars,foam window sealer under neath the plastic to keep it from digging in to the aluminum,silicon bars to cut down vibration {if you have a...
  3. what do you all think of an '89 CR250

    its a good bike,its a honda, dependable,but the suspension wasnt very good,but i loved mine so much i kept buying them.
  4. Monroe WI, My Personal MX Track

    hey coop,i live in west allis can my buddy's and i come out and give it shot?,i am always looking for people to go riding with.
  5. Valvoline 2-stroke oil ?

    i have used valvoline oil for the whole year on my bike.loved it!piston was mint and the power ports where twice as as easy to clean compared to yamaha or honda oils, which i ran for two years each.i like my bike a tad rich and never fouled a plug or had spooge dripping out of the pipe.dont...