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  1. what happend to the 2Ts

    I was at the arena cross race last weekend and was talking to the owner of Lancester sport cycles and asked him about yammies 2-stroke. He told me that they were saying 2010 was gonna be the last year. But nothing has been said for sure.
  2. Manufactured Homes - Good, bad, ugly?

    The thing in ohio is RESALE. Most of the banks will not give a loan on a used modular. We were going to buy one from Palm Harbor then got to checking aroundand found out about the resale. Also check the zoning laws if your going new. They will tell you that they can put them anywhere.Wrong. We...
  3. !Ohio! Need places to ride

    As far as trails you have Wayne National Forest. It's down by Nelsonville Oh. Over 60 mi of trails. Perry State forest which is over east by Somerset OH. 30-40 mi of trails. Ypu will need a state APV sticker for both of these,plus a permit for Wayne.
  4. Getting in Shape

    The thing here is to find something you enjoy doing. I like weights, hate cardio. I lift every other day(sometimes everyday) differant body part each workout. Been lifting for 4yrs now. I drive truck so not a lot of work,just sitting. Was 245 when I came off the road (now local) got down to 196...
  5. Video Help

    Thanks guys.
  6. Video Help

    A friend just got a helmet cam. Looking for a place or program to download so he can send us the video. Nothing like watching yourself on a movie to see how bad you suck.
  7. Need somewhere to ride

    Where at in ohio? Motocross or trails?
  8. Are Michelin S12s really directional?

    Billy I don't know what your worried about anyways. You don't know what direction your going.
  9. Maintanence Cost - Japaneese vs European

    The biggest issue I had with my husky was getting the parts. My yamaha I just go to the local parts storeand get about anything. The husky had to order most things.
  10. brand new 04 kdx220r

    Pipe silencer,rejet,o-ring chain and new bars.
  11. First bike suggestions, please.

    Look for an older kdx. Great starter bike. Lots of aftermarket parts. Should be able to find a good one for around 1500.00.
  12. Just Moved to PA

    There You are. Let me know when you get things all set and are riding again. I'll load Billy and the bikes and we'll come over and ride with you.
  13. Any places to ride in ohio?

    There's Wayne Natl Forrest over by Logan Oh. Has somewhere around 60 mi of trails. Only bikes and Quads. You will need an APV permit and a wayne pass. Perry State Forrest which is over by Somerset Oh. Only need an APV sticker.
  14. Any places to ride in ohio?

    What are you lookiong for? Tracks or trails?