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    JETTING: KX125 at 6000'

    about 8% leaner should get you in the ballpark NM. I ride here at 6k on up to 10k and just recently jettied an '05 YZ125 for here. Went from a 410 main to a 370 and a 40 pilot to a 37.5 or 35, forget which. If you are riding at 6k on down lower, then be a little rich at 6k.
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    Montesa COTA 315R

    Hey Super-P!! Yup still around. See my post in 4 strokes. Got a dead 250x :-( Only 400 miles too. The monty has sat for a year. Gonna get it out this spring though for sure. Got busy moving (again), working on the new (if you call 1908 new) house, and being a good slumlord over the...
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    250X Ignition failures??

    Hello - searched high and low on the Internet and cannot find any info about this. My '04 250x with 400 miles on it quit and has no spark. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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    Montesa COTA 315R

    Aaron - You really need to get your hands on the owner's manual for your year bike. It has it all in there.
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    synthetic oil bad for rfvc engines ?

    Danananana PAT-MAN!!!! :ride:
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    83 Cagiva WMX-200

    I have 2 200 motors, 4 pipes, triple clamps, and a rear wheel for the 200 wmx in my garage right now. They will be picked up by Rik Smits tomorrow on his way to Utah for a vintage national, and my bud Brian he's getting them for WILL win the Six Days reunion ride this coming fall on one!! Last...
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    Every Kdx Rider Should Read This!

    Naw, it is "teach a man to fish and you can go shag his old lady while he's out fishin'".
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    2004 xr250r mods advice

    you and me both Brother. You gonna drag that underpowered ill-handling POS up here this year or what? Maybe we'd both be better off trading them for an XR 400 :-)Riding season has started in the southern part of the state about 1.5 hrs from here. Also Utah is primo right now. Leo.
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    2004 xr250r mods advice

    The 250 and 400 are very different bikes. VERY DIFFERENT. It is not just about displacement and power. I have no plans to sell my bike. I made it for me to ride, not to sell. Opinions are like a-holes - everybody has one.
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    CRF 250 using oil

    Rich - have you had any clutch slippage issues with the Diesel oil in your bikes? I tried Shell Rotella T in two bikes (70s Yamahas) and both slipped the clutch. Switching back to a non-diesel 10w40 made the problem go away. Is it possible the issue was the temp of the oil, in that the 2...
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    2004 xr250r mods advice

    Stock bore for a while? Here are the XR250R basics. Pull the snorkel. Replace filter basket with a UNI plastic model, or cut the wire mesh out of the stocker (lots of opinions yes/no on this mod). Replace the baffle with a '98 and later XR400 baffle. Don't run without a baffle in the...
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    89 Cagiva WMX 250 2 stroke rebuild

    Getting the nuts off - might have to resort to a dremel, hammer, and chisel to cut the nut off. Try to keep from tearing up the stud threads in the process.
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    XR250 won't start

    Hey Super P - My 280 is still down. Decided to change the rear shock oil, and in the process of removing it found some bad pivot and swingarm bearings. Then while the rear wheel is sitting there, I look over the wheel bearings... one of them is stuck too! Can't wait to see how it runs...
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    Need advice on trials tires.

    the size is governed by the FIM for trials competition, hence the reason there is no real trials tire any bigger than that. You might find a "trials universal pattern" tire bigger, but that is not a trials tire by any stretch of the imagination. Ray Peters ran trials tires on a Husky TE610...
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    Just picked up an 03 525SX, but not able to ride til 01/01/04 (@ Muenster)

    Any suggestions?? HANG ON TIGHT!!!!! After one ride on a 525, you'll understand why Heroin is so popular.