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    Can Someone Explain....

    Well privilege is a synonym of right, so the two can be used interchangably. You can also have you privilege or right to to drive taken away and some people should have never been given the privilege or right to drive in the first place. Personally I look at driving as a choice. If you choose...
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    What Happen

    Life happens. I still ride and race, but these days it's most vintage motocross with my sons. My garage is full of vintage Hondas and Bultacos.
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    Can't remove magneto rotor

    Wow, sorry my trick didn't work for you.
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    My toy I picked up this weekend 97 Gas Gas EC250

    I had a '98 EC250 and that engine was smooth as butter. The counter-rotational mass took away the "hit" making the bike easier to ride in snotty conditions. GG did away with the counterbalance shaft in '99 and improved crank balancing. Forks are 45mm 'zokes. One side adjusted compression and...
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    Strange things found while riding

    Years ago I belonged to a club that put on an enduro on part of a nudist resort. I wish I could forget most of the stuff I saw then.
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    Can't remove magneto rotor

    The problem with aerosol sprays is they can evaporate. You will cook the seal, but you were planning to replace that anyway. I've heard of people using some sort of liquid nitrogen, that comes in a spray can, along with penetrating oil. I've never tried that though.
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    Can't remove magneto rotor

    Use the pour-type penetrating oil, not the spray type. Make sure the engine is on its side so gravity works with you. I used PB Blaster, but have heard Kroil works as good or better.
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    Can't remove magneto rotor

    Been there, got that t-shirt. What I did was heat the end of the crankshaft to around 450 degrees, with oxy-acetylene and a rosebud, and quenched it with penetrating oil I had put in the freezer overnight. Then I threaded the puller onto the flywheel, tightened the bolt as tight as I felt I...
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    Race Report

    Typical day for me, 3rd in +40 Evo, 5th in 250 Evo.
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    siezed engine? Not sure what happened.

    Definitely! They start in October, but they run vintage on Saturday so we won't be going until football and fall baseball are done.
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    Race Report

    CRF50 they let most drum-brake, air-cooled, non-linkage minis in the XR75 class. He'll be racing a '74 XR75 next year. Then the sibling rivalry begins.
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    Race Report

    My boys and I headed over to Pomeroy Memorial Vintage MX in Tieton, WA to Round 5 of the Pacific Northwest Vintage Motocross series. The Tieton Highlanders did a fantastic job and my boys took home some serious hardware for 1st & 2nd in the XR75 class.
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    siezed engine? Not sure what happened.

    Mag - There pretty open when it comes to the kids. We race the Pac NW series,, and they let kids race Schoolboy on modern bikes and my youngest races the XR75 class on a CRF50. We raced at Tieton (Yakima) yesterday and there were only 4 kids racing, two boys in Schoolboy on 85cc...
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    HBD Okie

    HBD - Now get out and go riding.
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    Seat height would be your only concern. Being able to put both feet on the ground while sitting on the bike goes a long way towards building confidence.