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  1. Specto golden to yamalube?

    Hello everyone, I have always used spectro golden 10w40 oil (except for the break in period), in my '99 YZ 400. I have two containers of yamalube semi-synthetic 10w50 oil. I would like to use the yamalube oil up. My question is this- Would it be safe to use for one time? Is this O.K.? Thanks.
  2. Will we be able to purchase parts at DW01

    Hello all, I was just wondering if we will be able to purchase spare parts? Things such as, tires, tubes, clutch and brake levers, etc. How about oil? Thanks
  3. DRN Gear

    Will we be able to purchase DRN Gear at dirtweek?
  4. What do I need to bring?

    Hello everyone, First of all I would just like to ask if anyone is going alone? 2nd, what do I need to bring with me? I think I'll be camping the whole time. Are there any washing facilities? Are there restaurants close by or should I just bring my grill? Should I bring my pressure washer...
  5. Is anyone in wisconsin going to dirtweek?

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone from Wisconsin is going to dirtweek. How many days?
  6. Is 38 too old to start riding MX?

    It's never to late.
  7. who started racing late?

    Started riding at age 30. Ran my first race at age 31. I did very poorly.
  8. Landing hard, should I worry about foot pegs?

    Hello everyone, Lately I've been trying to jump a 75-85ft. tabletop, Of course my goal is to clear it but for now I'm trying to build up enough courage to do so. Right now I land on the last 3/4 of the jump. I'm about 210 and ride a YZ400 with the stock suspention. Sometimes when I land I land...
  9. Dirtweek Clinic?

    A video would be great, I'll be this first to buy one.
  10. Dirtweek Clinic?

    Wow , you guy's can be vicious. Maybe I should clear the air about this whole 4-stroke rebuild thing. First of all, I don't know were else I could go to see a top end rebuild on a 4-stroke. I have asked the local shop if I could watch one but they said that they didn't want any one standing...
  11. Dirtweek Clinic?

    I would probably be willing to pay for parts and labor if some one would to a four stroke top end rebuild for a clinic.
  12. Dirtweek Clinic?

    4-Stroke top end? How about a four stroke top end rebuild?
  13. 4 stroke nationals

    Hello everyone, does anyone know if the four stroke nationals are ever televised? What channel? Thanks ------------------ 1999 YZ400F
  14. rebound?

    Hello all, this may seem like a silly question but I don't know alot about suspension. Over the winter I had my shocks worked on and now it doesn't feel like I'm getting enough rebound. Which way do I click my rebound harder or softer? I imagine it's harder. Also, The rebound clicker is on the...