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  1. bedell99

    Eric Gorr

    He's a good guy. I have had very good work done by him. Erik
  2. bedell99

    2008 Bikes

    New swingarms on the yamahas. Erik
  3. bedell99

    Is Forward Motion Open for business?

    Hey Eric what made you shut down the shop??? Erik
  4. bedell99

    can u recommend a long-wearing intermediate terrain tire? D952?

    Guys for MX, I have foind the 952 to be a real good tire. I also like the Maxxis IT, but damn putting one on is real hard and not worth the aggravation. Erik
  5. bedell99

    Cheapest way to repair 05 CRF450 forks??

    Go with a new fork leg and you never have to work about it. Erik
  6. bedell99

    Considering a 05 yz250

    I went to a 05 yz250 from an 02 cr250. Just a way all around better bike. It turns very good. The best thing you can do to the bike is get the forks revalved, add a skid plate and raditior braces and go. The engine has much more lowe end compared to the honda. Erik
  7. bedell99

    How much improved is the '06 CRF450 over '05

    I agree the only thing your looking at is resale value between the 2 bikes. Erik
  8. bedell99

    I passed.......

    Ryan in my personal opinion the PE was much harder. I feel the EIT was bascially what I learned in college. I did take it a couple of years out, but I think compared to how much I studied for the PE it was relatively easy to pass, especially if you are from a mechancial backround. Erik
  9. bedell99

    I passed.......

    There are 5 disciplines of civil engineering. Go to tis link and click on the depth exams, it will give you a good idea of what civil engineers do. Erik
  10. bedell99

    I passed.......

    Its alot different here in america, basically if you go to this website you can get all the info you will ever need, but the basic are get an engineering degree from an ABET accredited school, pass the fundementals exam, get eith 4-6 years experience depending on state making sure your...
  11. bedell99

    I passed.......

    Broken Spoke, the best advice I can give you is study with a partner. I know that is not always feasible but if possible is any one of your co-workers taking it also?? What discipline are you planning to take?? When I was studying for the test I bought a condo, planned a wedding, still rode at...
  12. bedell99

    I passed.......

    I know this sounds crazy, but for the last 11 years since I started mechanical engineering in college, my goal was to become a professional engineer. Thank you Tony for advice. I currently am a design build engineer(HVAC, steam and power systems) for a Mechanical Contractor in Denver. I...
  13. bedell99

    I passed.......

    I just found out the result of my PE(Professional Engineering exam) and I passed. I took the Mechancial. I can't believe they actually gave me a license. I need a new goal, any suggestions??? Erik
  14. bedell99

    What does this look like? Shim stack

    Marcus I think you got it a bit mixed up. Erik
  15. bedell99

    King Kong!

    Movie was great, a bit long. Special effect where amazing and the fight seen with the TREX was cool. As for remakes, they are not even close. Erik
  16. bedell99

    King Kong!

    To be honest no a kid can't handle the movie, some pretty decent violence. Erik
  17. bedell99

    Save Me (us) From The Dark Side !!!!

    Okie, market share is market share. Yes from an economic standpoint there is no sense in making 2 bikes for 1 class except if your selling them. I know yamaha sells a boatload of YZ250's and 125's. They have been stealing Honda's hold on that share of the market for the past couple of years. The...
  18. bedell99

    Save Me (us) From The Dark Side !!!!

    Old fart you are right in pure economic terms, but remember they still will have to compete with 4 strokes which means yamaha and suzuki will keep upping the ante to lure buyer to there 2 strokes. This is a generalized question for 4 stroke people. Would you go back to a 2 stroke if serious...
  19. bedell99

    Save Me (us) From The Dark Side !!!!

    The next 2 years will determine if 2 strokes stay alive. If yamaha and suzuki continue to upgrade there bikes the future looks good. Honda is a lost cause, basically i hope they stop making 2 strokes to give even more market share to yamaha, which in turn means better bikes. Erik
  20. bedell99

    What is the grail?

    Maybe Jeremy can anser this question. Is there much more technology in "A" works components(RC, CR, Windham, etc) compared to what is production. I understand the tolerances are much tighter and workmanship greater nut is there really a difference from what an average Joe can buy for 5K. Erik
  21. bedell99

    Save Me (us) From The Dark Side !!!!

    If the AMA wanted to fix the situation they can do a couple of things The first is lower the sound limit. (which they did). Next is lower the weight limits to 184lbs and 206 lbs respectively. (For a 2 stroke to use this to its full advantage) Allow a displacement of 150cc in the 125cc class and...
  22. bedell99

    Save Me (us) From The Dark Side !!!!

    The real dilemma is in the 125 class. A 250f is head and shoulders better than a 125 if you race. Now the downside is the catastrophic engine failure that costs 2K to fix. I love 250f but feel a 450f is just way too much bike for me and chose to ride a 250 2-stroke. I can't see 250's going away...
  23. bedell99

    What is the grail?

    I think in future both high speed and low speed circuits should be adjustable via clickers on the forks. Also just like the superbikes, TI or DLC coatings will eventually become standard. I definetly think KYB is on the right track, twin chambers are the way to go. What I always wondered was why...
  24. bedell99

    Sub Tank flow??

    This is more of general question regarding subtanks. Is it neccessary to revalve when installing subtanks or can clickers jsut be adjusted?? Erik
  25. bedell99

    06 YZ250

    The only majotrfault I could find with the 05 was that the forks break in and soften up and the 739 tire is horrendous for colorado conditions, other than that the bike is great. If i can recommend one thing for 07 is to put higher bars standard on the bike and give me a fuel injected throttle...