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  1. OnAnySunday

    Anyone riding Aztec Nm this weekend?

    Just FYI fer us NewMexicans..... and southern Coloradians, there is a group talking about reviving races at Aztec! The track is still ridable by the general public. (as it always has been) but there is talk about races being held there again next year...
  2. OnAnySunday

    Off-Topic How the heck is everyone

    They let you saw the "Q" word?? O,O Got a couple of those "Q's" now meself. Took this pic just the other day of the newest addition to the fleet (14 kx450r) and the "Wolverine" (08 kfx450)as my son calls it.......
  3. OnAnySunday

    2014 KX450F air fork question

    The stupid question for TODAY is............ does it hurt to leave the air adjustment "special tool" (ooooooooo it's a adapter valve. :-/ ) installed in the KYB (kayaba???) air forks whilst riding? Bike in question is a 2014 KX450F with the infamous air fork. The manual states "death or...
  4. OnAnySunday

    Anyone riding Aztec Nm this weekend?

    WOW. has been awhile. BTW Aztec track is still there. few folks still ride it. no more races, far as i know. had a "new to me" 09 kx2fidie F out there. still lots of fun!!
  5. OnAnySunday

    Off-Topic How the heck is everyone

    One fat old man still riding. Still the old XL500r, the XR650r, and just got this one a couple days ago.....
  6. OnAnySunday

    Can Someone Explain....

    I think it goes............ You have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" , the rest.................ya gotta PAY for. and i do agree, we do P A Y with taxes. I dont have the right to a car, i have to buy it. I can drive it on my own property without a liscence, but then i...
  7. OnAnySunday

    Can Someone Explain....

    Think of it like entering a motocross. You can ride your bike, but you have to pay to ride on that track at that time. Your entry fee pays rental of the property (or upkeep if its private) Pays for the machinery that grooms/ waters the track. Any manpower / employee fees. etc, etc. You liscense...
  8. OnAnySunday

    old school vs new drag race

    Reminds me of when i had my '79 yz400. Was just out goofing around on it, and ended up riding with some guy on a 01 rm250. Of course the "drag race" happened. And the 400 blew it away pretty easily. Was funny though, guy rides up and says "good race, that's a nice old Suzuki ya got there!"...
  9. OnAnySunday

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas y'all!!!! :)
  10. OnAnySunday

    Easy pull clutch levers???

    Am looking at getting sweety a bigger ride. (lost a bet with her....long story) But the one she's interested in has a hard clutch pull. I vaguely remember there was an aftermarket clutch lever design that was supposed to give a lighter feel to the clutch? Anyone remember, or have a link...
  11. OnAnySunday

    Hell has frozen over???

    What a month! Good news, BAD news, and just plain weird news....... Got engaged to my lovely GF (after swearing i'd never ever marry again)...... Me, Gayle, and her daughter Ash on Imogene pass in s. colo. My dog and good freind of almost 16 years passed away. R.I.P. old...
  12. OnAnySunday

    This Falme board!!!

    That's "Obama" dude. But i think its ok to misspell that one........ :nod: :cool:
  13. OnAnySunday

    Track riding? Why?

    Depends on the track and what your riding. The one i go to in Aztec NM is on BLM land. A local club leases it for races, and maintains/ upkeeps it then. When no racing it's free game. I ride it to putt around and "play race".......on a Xr650...... :whoa: :rotfl: Give it a shot...
  14. OnAnySunday

    Aztec Ponca city qualifiers

    Just f.y.i.. For any of yall in the Farmington/ Aztec area this Memorial day weekend. Looks like some good racin'! :)
  15. OnAnySunday

    New tube with every new tire?

    I just figure that if youve got the tire off in the first place...........why not change the tube? And i use the "xtra heavy duty" tubes. Last time was a MSR, this last time (last weekend) was a Maxxis XHD. With a new 120/100-18 Desert IT. Anybody else ever wrestled with a big Maxxis...
  16. OnAnySunday

    Super Senior Tony Eeds

    Happy way b-lated Bday!
  17. OnAnySunday

    What vintage bike would YOU want??

    GREAT pic! (sigh) :nod:
  18. OnAnySunday

    Happy Birthday BSWIFT

    Happy cake and icecream day!! :)
  19. OnAnySunday

    NM Dirt

    Kinda died in here? Found a kewl video of the Aztec (NM) motocross track from last year. Any DRN'rs in this video? :cool:
  20. OnAnySunday

    Jesse James is a dead man.

    The thing i find amusing, is the title of this thread seems to fit JJ's situation now......... :whoa: At least when Sandra gets him alone........ :laugh:
  21. OnAnySunday

    Let's see your ride

    LOL! I gotta couple that look like that! (anyone got a spare 4th over '79 yz400 slug?) :bang:
  22. OnAnySunday

    Let's see your ride

    Pitbikes too? My stepsons 110.....before and after getting new plastics