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  1. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Stopped By And Wanted To Say Hello!

    Are the Moto pics still on the web site? Everybody has been out riding I hope? My last ride was in our last blizzard! I've been having a set back now, but I soon will be back hanging out at Service Honda again!!
  2. whenfoxforks-ruled

    What vintage bike would YOU want??

    at Mount Carroll illinoise a few weeks ago, a friend on one of these had his carb blow off, somehow! He was almost in tears, but I had to ask, if he new where to still get maul pistons? Nope, wiseco? I'm running maxima 927 jetted for 20:1, you can't kick my bikes over in gym shoes! I often get...
  3. whenfoxforks-ruled

    What do you browse with?

    Okay, ALOT!!! :) I have the I5 phone, and the biggest mistake ever, I dropped verizon for 20 bucks cheaper per month, for tmobile? Wow does tmobiles service blow! I need 2 phones, 1 for a hot spot, and 1 to Communicate! On a wifi it's okay.
  4. whenfoxforks-ruled

    What vintage bike would YOU want??

    I have been Midwest VMX racing my 1983 Honda CR480, and my 2000 Service Honda CR250R! It misses the evo cut off date by 3 years, but it's real fun in open 2 stroke class!! It has the Huck valves in the forks, and the 500 digital ignition from Service in it! Vintage Bob
  5. whenfoxforks-ruled

    What do you browse with?

    :) something's different? I can't put my thumb on it, but something's different! TY Okie!
  6. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Australian 500AF (Service Honda)

    Sweet AJ! Does mud collect in that front fender? The new Huskies are way deeper, front and back! Keep up the GREAT work!
  7. whenfoxforks-ruled

    This is too funny not to share....

    Ligament tore a chip of bone off? I wish i would have had mine sewn back on, me in a cast to just fix itself was dumb!
  8. whenfoxforks-ruled

    2000 CR 250 Clutch

    Some of the plates are aluminum.
  9. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Kdub on the podium

    I got to flag at Indy, met a LOT of great people, Kdub at the top of the list! Stewie crashed in my section! Kdub going down hard on the other side of the track was a bummer, to say the least. His comeback in Toronto, 2 thumbs up!!!!!
  10. whenfoxforks-ruled

    02' CR 250 New Look & Advice

    Good luck filling the ENTIRE frame, its been tried before, and any is better than none, Bob
  11. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Out and about...

    Very nice indeed Kav! Waiting for the new pics, secret Santa gives you a gift, and you share it with us! Outstanding! Merry Christmas Kav, and do stay safe, and keep the pics coming! Bob
  12. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Concussions and Siezures

    1998RM250, first, Thank you for your input! Next, I am no more near an answer than you, except there are better days ahead? Next, Great you are getting better! I was hoping there was more input on this matter, hoping there WAS a correlation between the accident? Not enough input, yet. Your...
  13. whenfoxforks-ruled


    These quakes, in areas of no known fault lines are really NOT GOOD, in my limited opinion! Some are blaming fracking from the coal and oil industries, others like in Virginia, the damned off lake impoundments. The rediciosly large one in China backs the latter up! And they are both related man...
  14. whenfoxforks-ruled


    You will have a clobbered CR500, if you know somebody familiar with the exact metallurgy of Japanese aluminum, you will not be among the many with broken frames. Of course that depends on how exactly fast or abusive the rider is! A drop in, I doubt it, seriously. The 250 motor barely fits in its...
  15. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Best 2 stroke of all time

    That Gomer, is why my 00 CR250 has a Keihn carb on it! Love that bike so much, I want to drop the same motor in my 05 CR450F when it grenades! Putting the 83 CR480 is a nice dream also, but way more labor, and still have the left side kick starter. I like the aluminum frames for MX! The YZ, sits...
  16. whenfoxforks-ruled

    16 years one same Original Top end 140 psi

    I am curious what the book says the top end pressure is supposed to be?
  17. whenfoxforks-ruled

    16 years one same Original Top end 140 psi

    The piston stays centered on the top, way better than the bottom! Go figure, NOT!
  18. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Another night at the track.

    Excellent report Gary! And do I see the need, for you to do some cross training this winter? Getting the feel, for getting the bike sideways, just a little on the ice, will benefit you GREATLY, come springtime, imho! I understand how much it helped me, back in the day! And how much I need, to...
  19. whenfoxforks-ruled

    cold war domination

    Congratulations to the Blacks victory! No party pics?
  20. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Out and about...

    If I ever get to ride in a helicopter, I will request sitting by the back door. Strapped well!
  21. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Gosh Darn It!

    Keep it as stock as you can afford, and keep us posted!
  22. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Yz250f bogging through bowl turns. Carb help!

    There are lots of old YZ250f's popping around!
  23. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Yz250f bogging through bowl turns. Carb help!

    Twistedhawke, do you ever ride at a track in Hobart, In.?
  24. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Service Honda CR 125AF

    I caught this somewhere else, and it does not have the EFI, yet! BUT, it is in their grand scheme! LOVE the motor you used AJ! As par for normal, OUTSTANDING work, for all involved, and please, keep them coming! When my 05 CR450 motor goes, its getting a 250 smoker dropped in it. Steak...
  25. whenfoxforks-ruled

    Out and about...

    Racing Pigeons!