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  1. Flywheel weight question

    Look at the gytr flywheel weight, available from any Yamaha dealer. They are just about perfect for the yz 250 for any condition. The price is about 100.00. However, it is an entire flywheel with a weight welded on.
  2. getting my cir-clip

    The compressed air rules! The lower end i made to pass air and gas through it. Shoot air down one side and watch the clip rocket out of the other side....very cool to see. It really works.
  3. 2002 YZ250 Oil Capacity only 300ml or 750ml?

    The correct amount is 750. Yamaha screwed up with the drain bolt location years ago and never got around to changing it.
  4. 1998 RM 250 Plastics? HELP!

    I dont believe the 01 tank would be a drop on mod. The odds of the mounts lining up are slim to none. When was the last time ANY of the factories gave us an easy way to update the look of our older bikes? I wish they would....
  5. 1998 RM 250 Plastics? HELP!

    The newest plastic that will fit is from the 2000. 01 is a different tank. The 2000 shrouds are smaller than the 98. It looks decent.
  6. How did Yamaha fix the 2005 YZ250 Steering issue for 2006

    Transworld is never a great source for new info. Really, none of the magazines are. They are all 3 months behind. Often times a spec can change after they have published the info on new models. The 2 stroke shocks stayed the same. Honestly, the bike needed no geometry changes. I love the 22.5...
  7. How did Yamaha fix the 2005 YZ250 Steering issue for 2006

    This thread sounds like it is talking about two different bikes. The 250f four stroke did get the longer shock. The 2 stroke 250 has slightly stiffer fork valving but no different length shock. Stock offset is 24mm. Offset changes are really fun. Even after owning the different...
  8. How did Yamaha fix the 2005 YZ250 Steering issue for 2006

    22.5 offset triple clamps do help the turning of the 06. I was never able to come to terms with the way my 06 cornered until I changed these. At 22.5 the bike feels like an rm suzuki, but has improved stability in the straights. First step has to be to junk the stock front tire. Then set the...
  9. 95 yz 250 powervalve

    A 95 yz 250 can be made to RIP an dbe a fast motorcycle. The first question bothers me, however. To have anything decent you'll need to repair your powervalve. Not to do so would be like asking how to make your corvette hit 150 on flat tires.
  10. re sleeving

    I have no problem getting "ONE" oversized piston, but have you ever checked to see just how many you can get? I was hoping it would be like the old days. 3-4 way. The sleeve we used was for the stock piston and 1 oversized. After that, the sleeve is too thin to be useful...
  11. re sleeving

    The other con of sleeving is "Exactly where the hell do you get oversized piston ???' Many times you can only get one oversized piston before running out of sleeve. The sleeves do wear. What good is a nice smooth bore if you cannot get a piston? The sleeve also ruins the cylinder when you...
  12. 2006 yz 250 detination

    Try that extra needle Yamaha sent with the bike. I believe it was an N3EW. That needle stopped the pinging in my 06.
  13. What to add to a YZ250 for woods riding

    The pro circuit pipe takes away low end and adds top end. You might really enjoy a stock yz 250 pipe for your specific use. I know we dont think of this as a "HOP UP" , but it tryly is.
  14. '01 Yz 250

    14/52 on a yz 250 gives great low end snap, but not a lot of top speed. You can easily run 14/48 on these bikes. Top sped should be 80+
  15. 06 YZ250 manual Question

    I copied this some time ago from this site. It was from an article eric published. I believe the directions were for the 05 forks, but it worked very well on my 06. You can also download a copy of the owners manual at Between the two you'll be able to handle...
  16. Swing Arm Patch?

    I dont think it would be a great idea to put the rear wheel on without these. They are made of steel and prevent the wheel spacers from digging into the swingarm. You would also have to overtighten the axle bolt to make up the distance without them in place...bad idea.
  17. 95/96 YZ 250 Tank/Seat Swap?

    You could still pull this off. The engine mounts stayed the same virtually forever. See if the engine mounts match the newer bikes. Buy a frame and whatever else you need from that auction site....... However, I have seen soem very nice yz's going for very little money. You coudl probably...
  18. New KTM or Boob Job??

    The real problem is this. Once they figure out that they have controll over the boob thing, you'll not buy one set. People still age. You'll buy two or three sets before its all over. Then again, I am not still riding my 1980 kx 250 either.
  19. coolant smell

    IAssuming you check what the other two suggested, I would look at the head. The o ring cannot pop out an inch if it is assembeled correctly. If it did, the head or cylinder may be warped.
  20. cylinder sleeve?

    Obviously the sleeve will allow the cylinder to be overbored, if necessary. This is of little value if there are no oversized pistons. Our kx 125, with a sleeve, turned in to a nightmare. Few, if any, pistons available in an oversized configuration. Before you sleeve, just ask what...
  21. YZ250 2004 driving me insane

    I said I would sieze at 168 because my plug indicates the bike runs well with a 172. I would probably not sieze, but a 168 would be too small. The 06 comes stock with a 178 mj. The 168 is 4 sizes leaner.
  22. YZ250 2004 driving me insane

    My error. Sorry. I saw pilot jet..... I cannot help but think something else is wrong. I had the 45 pilot in my bike today. Again, altitude is 5000ft. Temp is about 70 degrees. The bike would hardly start and was very lean. I HAD to up the size to a 48 and woudl have been able to use...
  23. YZ250 2004 driving me insane

    Try the 48 pilot. At 5000ft and 80 degrees I use a 45. When the temp drops a 48 is good.
  24. YZ250 2004 driving me insane

    This may not apply to your 04, but I never could get my older yz to jet properly at higher (5000) elevation. I finally gave up on it. Somewhere along the line I rebuilt the top end. I found a chipped reed. I replaced it and it helped some. A year or so later I had the head milled...
  25. 2007 Final Year of Honda CR Line 2 Strokes

    This will also allow them to price the 4 strokes liek they want to price them. I think the two strokes have kept the price down. Within a few years we should see a 10k dirt bike.