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  1. Brake pads

    have you tried stock honda pads? I have had very good luck using them. i have even converted my yz to a full honda front brake system.
  2. Jeff Alessi soon to be rideless?

    the version with that guy from extreme was the worst, followed closely by david lee roth van hagar does no sucking
  3. 2005 yz125 stroker eg

    thank you Eric. i knew if i waited and gave you time you would answer. As of right now the bike is new, So I will not be tearing it apart until i get a few more hours on it. I am having so much fun on this bike that i have hard time parking it.
  4. 2005 yz125 stroker eg

    i have a chance to buy a 2005 yz125 for 2000.00. the bike has less than 5 hours on it. so i would say that it is deal. but i am coming off a full mod 250f and i would like some more go power. does Eric still do crank stroking? i would like to do a big bore stroker for the engine without...
  5. turn around time

    glad to see you made it back. give me a call and i will fill you in on the details.
  6. turn around time

    i have a 05 crf250r. I was wanting to do some engine work. what is the turnaround time for a 262 kit? Is the kit ready for this bike yet? what kind of head options do you guys have?
  7. YZ250F -280cc

    does athena have a web page?
  8. 05 125 mini shootout

    to late. i just got a crf250r :D
  9. Attack MX

    we have a big enough of a problem with loretta lynns and sandbaggers. I think this is going to wreck us.
  10. 05 125 mini shootout

    thank you Marcus, now i just need to find one of a 144 kitted 05yz or a 155 stroker. maybe you can help. i am trying to decide if i want a yz125 built up or a 250 fourstroke.
  11. Is there anything i should change on my new YZ?

    and the chain, toss it before it junks the sprockets
  12. I have a few 2000 Yz 125 questions.

    when was the last time you did a top end?
  13. 05 125 mini shootout

    did you ever find the yz dyno?
  14. Gorr 05 YZ144 project is a success

    thanks Rich. I thought Eric said they worked good. but i might have been mistaken.
  15. Gorr 05 YZ144 project is a success

    have you looked into ceramic main bearings? I see that eric has a stroker crank ready to roll on his web site, you should get it :) ;) . I have been thinking of a few weight saving ideas. but one of them i need to proto type. IF it worked it should save weight and help cooling. but i have to...
  16. Roncada

    come on ron-ron you can do it we want you back for nats.
  17. Gorr 05 YZ144 project is a success

    i think the ama needs to go to a percent under stock weigh in, say 3% then a 200 pound bike could way 194lbs. that way the bikes can keep getting lighter
  18. Gorr 05 YZ144 project is a success

    any chance of a update, the whole project. how you took the weight off your bike and the costs? how is the motor treating you. would you run it against a 250f? eric what is the biggest you can go with the new yz125? stroker cranks? i am a practice rider, just wanting a really fun bike.
  19. V-Force 3

    Thanks for the dyno:) my crystal ball is saying a bored and stoked 05yz125 is in my sights.
  20. V-Force 3

    what about the dyno? :)
  21. Stewart and Vegas?

    was that back when they didn't have a 20 race supercross season that leads right into the nationals? just like everyone needs some time off these guys need some time off. the US open is just a arena cross race for the big boys. 125 nationals is a big boy class, it is the most talent stacked...
  22. Washougal

    how did walker get DQ,ed in the second moto??
  23. Alessi

    yippee hannah is/was a putz.
  24. For a second, I thought I was going to...

    I voted for deegan, reed it a putz