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  1. louisville,kentucky area

    There is a indoor facility in maysville kentucky, im not sure how far off from you that is. its called earlywine indoor motocross, google it.
  2. is 80 over too big?

    it would be a good pitbike and stuff.
  3. Rev Limiter

    No, only 4 strokes.
  4. 144 or 250F?

    i love my yellow machine. haha, ive not had no trouble at all, knock on wood. I plan on getting a 09 in the spring. 144's are good for maintenance and other things because its a 2 stroke. other than that its not for many people. KTM its really hard to find parts around here. why i would never...
  5. CRF450R cutting out - why?

    i had a problem with my stator coil when the bike got hot it just shut off, half the little bearing things in the stator were gone. Also the valves causes it to cut out.
  6. brand new bike and problems

    the bike is overheating, if im not mistaking the bike also can be aircooled, dont take me 100 percent on that one. Just ride it and let it cool off. Don't try to start it giving the bike gas, also try using the hotstart when the bike is hot and choke when the bike is cold.
  7. Dropping the front end down? how to do it more violently

    as you increase speed u scoot up on the bike....if ur hauling and seat bounce on the main back of the katapults you and you endo...
  8. When your gonna crash.....

    close my eyes and ragdoll and dont jump up if u hear bikes coming
  9. help with fork oil

    my friend has a 2005 yz125 he weighs about 126...what is the stock fork oil for a 05 yz125..
  10. Landing

    I had my first race last weekend...and i went to practice a few days ago..and i am wondering..when i land from like a downhill double...the landing is REALLY rough..and my friend says that it looks like that my chin is going to the hit bars when i land...i guess im not soaking up the landing or...
  11. wanna get racin

    id go with the fo fiddy
  12. help me break in

    whats the best way to break in a new pair of berik boots? help me please i need them in a week to race in
  13. Yamaha PW50 Only Runs If The Choke Is On ??

    my best friend, his cousins done that while i was there i noticied that the breather hose on the gas cap was twisted..chek that
  14. moving on to a yz250f

    the cheapest and best upgrade for speed is a sprocket IMO
  15. crf250r vs. crf250x

    read reviews is the easiest way to find the PROS and CONS of each and see what you want..
  16. crf250r

    i'd get a 250x tho..make for woods..
  17. question about the 07 rm-z250

    hi, i am new to this stuff, and i am wondering--on the 07 rmz 250 do you have to change the motor oil and the tranny oil--or is it all together? thanks
  18. 07 RMZ250 transmission problems!!!

    is this something to be concerned about---because i just spent 6000 on this bike?
  19. would a 125 two stroke be too zippy?

    no way i went from a xr80 my uncle gave me a yzf426 whcih i had for a month rode it once, and ig ot a 07 rm-z 250
  20. 04 RM-Z 250 Just how bad are these bikes?

    motocross action calls them a "walking/running time bomb"
  21. 04 RM-Z 250 Just how bad are these bikes?

    thye say the valves r terrible on them but i dont know for sure lol
  22. 07 RMZ250 "new" motor?

    lol same.. with me im going from a xr80 to this cuz i can pretty much flat foot the 150/85 so i have to so ima b takin my time for a while
  23. Big Dude, but is my bike to big for me.

    nah man, i am 15 5'10 175LBS and i had a 01 426f and i liked it, but it was too much power for me, all i had exp on was a xr80 and xr 100 and crf150f, so i got a RMZ 250
  24. yz85

    yea lol 5'10 5'11 175 LBS and i got a RMZ250
  25. 07 RMZ250 "new" motor?

    is the top end bad enough that it is like you HAVE to get it?