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  1. Old member been away

    Thanks for looking. The CR is a 95. It was literally in three milk crates and took 3 years and lots of $. Did it for my son to race the MWVMX series with me on one of my Maicos. I now have done a 79 440 and 250. Still have a 79 400 that's also in maybe 4 milk crates, lol. But the real joy...
  2. Old member been away

    Been awhile...just finished this and this
  3. What happened to the place?

    Was just thinking about this site I joined in 1999 under a different name. Then Okie allowed me to change it. At least I think it was 99, maybe 2000? Yeah, life happens. Still have my swingarm stickers unmolested. They won't fit on the 74.5 GP I have, lol. At 58 I still get...
  4. 1995 CR250R resto

    No on the purple. It's a Jeremy McGrath replica (at least in my world). Throttle Jockey graphics. Yep, I need two new radiators, new fuel tank, and all of the other usual parts and pieces. Engine still has to be torn down and every seal, bearing, blah, blah. Just slid the newly rebuilt...
  5. 1995 CR250R resto

    Thanks Rich. I wanted to go to Byron but have another commitment. I'll have a few friends there racing in the Midwest VMX series. Bob Underhill will be there. I saw that Eric Gorr will be getting inducted, as well as a few others. Should be a great weekend there.
  6. 1995 CR250R resto

    Concerning the 95 CR250R: So, I'm thinking (bad idea) that the swing arm is just brushed aluminum and clear coated by the factory. Still would like a definitive answer if anyone knows. The triple tree is stranger yet (on this roach I scrounged) - the upper is bare casting and the bottom seems...
  7. 1995 CR250R resto

    Yeah, I figured you knew that, bawhaha....back in the seventies all I could get was anything but a Maico. When I started getting basket cases you and I conversed and I got this film from you...been a few years ago.
  8. 1995 CR250R resto

    Sold a couple Magnums I did. Have a 79 400 in process. The 79 440 shown is mine. Wossner top. All new seals/bearings/engine chain/DEP pipe and silencer/Stock suspension all reworked/basis cosmetics- DC plastic, etc. Had to go with a non-std oval front plate just because I could...BadBrush...
  9. 1995 CR250R resto

  10. 1995 CR250R resto

    Well Hi ya'll...been awhile. Although I did join in 1999 when I changed my screen name my join date changed. Have not been on in a LONG time. Enough of that...I've been building 70 era Maicos and Honda minis, but, a year ago I picked up a roach 95 CR250R. I had a 96 back in 96 but ended up...
  11. Stopped By And Wanted To Say Hello!

    I just stopped by too - and saw your post. Like you said to me a short time ago "it's half of an AF but I'd look good on it".
  12. old guys dwindling in vintage stuff - dead or quiet

    Well since I posted this it's alive and well in the Midwest. Between Michigan's Vintage Series and the Midwest Vintage Series there are no shortages of venues to practice, race, or smack talk about the old (er) days that folks raced, or trail rode these steeds. Mostly just a matter of getting...
  13. Hey, you .22LR hoarders!

    Yeah, it's pretty much BS. I was at a big flea market last year and mentioned to my Dad, who was visiting from Maine, that I couldn't get any .22 ammo. He bought a 50 round box at the flea price and gave it to me. Almost made me cry (he paid too much). Our store never have any .22 in the...
  14. 2014 ORV stickers going up! ~ $36.25, but there's also a $16.25 & $26.25 option.

    Haven't been riding trails for a few years. My background was the UP where you could ride any 2track, or orv. Then I moved to Muskegon and found you could only ride orv trails. I only had a non-registered (off road) dirtbike so I could not ride trails that were for "road registered bikes". I...
  15. BikeBandit is living up to its name

    There are very few companies now that do that BS. I just had a pair of wading boots (flyfishing) that were a year old and the sole fell off. I emailed the company in Oregon and told them I did not have the receipt. All they wanted was a picture and they shipped a new pair same day! In the...
  16. Maico

    Been awhile...finally found a used bottom end in St. Louis. Good because it came with a near perfect clutch assy. The crank is wasted but I was after the case halves. My other 400 halves are toast, well, I can have the left side machined but maybe for a spare? I hope this one can be ready by...
  17. 1993 suzuki rm 125 fouling plugs

    You'll need either a special tool for holding the basket to remove the nut, or an impact tool. Either way you may want to get someone to help that has done it before. BTW, the "additive" is a bad idea, beyond bad actually. Use a quality gear case oil made for wet clutch motorcycles when you...
  18. Hodaka Roll Call

    Pics please. Or, maybe I can come over today and see them as I'll be in Chi for the marathon, ha ha! Actually, I'd love to move one of my Maicos in the den but the wife will not have any of that.
  19. 1976 Honda mr250

    Huh, so every 100 miles it loses spark? One thing I always start with when doing renos, or repairs, is the ground. It is probably the most overlooked aspect of the electrical system. You must have a good ground for the system to work. Also checking for loose wires/connections/faulty kill switch.
  20. cr390 rings

    Yes. With no gap at all expansion will cause the rings to bind in the cylinder. You need to check with the piston/ring manufacturer, and/or the pub for that machine.
  21. 2013 Elsinore 125AF -Service Honda

    Bob put up a few pics on FB of the 125. I told him I had a 01 125 FS but after seeing that I almost want tokeep it and do a one-off. You do amazing work. Reality is I need to unload the CR for more Maico "stuff". Too many toys-too little time.
  22. Online photo dumps

    Flicker For now I'm trying flicker since I already had a yahoo account. After shooting film for so long the transition to DSLR is, well, crazy. I mean I've had the phones and P&S digitals but this is a new game. My recent shots were lousy though. I tried to manipulate the new toy too much...
  23. Online photo dumps

    Thanks Rich.
  24. Online photo dumps

    Hey, an old film shooter here. Just ordered my first DLSR and already have a gathering request to shoot the event. What is the easiest, and maybe free, way to put pictures on an online "area" that other people could access them for their veiwing, and/or printing pleasure?