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  1. zio


    Holy crap. I'm in a time warp. Almost 4 months have gone by.... SO - I don't want to use the search, anything brewing? Or did this movement exit the bowels?
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    no. Farmer John said it was an old timers thread. For crap's sake... get your cataracts fixed before you and your Olds mow down a couple dozen kids at a little league game.
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    a gathering is coming. i feel it 'tween my cheeks.
  4. zio

    special request for a special kid

    Pred, I don't know what to say, except that I knew someone would come through. :yeehaw: I'm sure more words will come later. My sister said he wants a camel on a magic carpet. Probably the more off-the-wall, the better. He's nutty, even w/o bitchin' pain meds. I haven't seen it...
  5. zio

    special request for a special kid

    you were the "challenged" Microsoft Paint artist, no? I'm not talking about the lids you did for your youngins...
  6. zio

    special request for a special kid

    thank you, guys. means so much just that you're willing to try. I used to know a guy who painted tanks for choppers & other stuff, but he's long gone. I can do very basic, hack-job stuff... not much better than Pred's artwork years ago.
  7. zio

    special request for a special kid

    I have a favor to ask for a kid very dear to my heart. His name is Jacob, my nephew's best friend for many years. His family stayed with us on our ranch when their house burned down three years ago. And last June, he was electrocuted by a downed power line. I am sorry I've been AWOL. And...
  8. zio


    Wow. Remembering some good stuff from Dirt Weeks and Valentines Days.... getting warm fuzzies in my tummy and rumbling in my bowels. I'd come out of hiding for a reunion, and I'd even buy a bike. But I want to know the sleeping arrangements first.
  9. zio


    Thought I'd swing by for a quick 'howdy'. Life's been great. And though I don't deserve it, God continues to bless me & my family. Just busy as heck, though. Haven't gone riding in over a year. I've been spending my free time with my kids, mostly fishing with my son. Maybe someday...
  10. zio

    Zio, where are you?

    I miss you guys. Some day I'll be ready to come back & tell you all what I've been up to for the last couple years. Until then: Colonblows, while fun, don't give any long-term health benefits.Take fiber every day for a healthy digestive tract. Don't forget to eat fruit once in a while...
  11. zio

    Hey Pred! What the heck are we missing in Moscow?

    His shirt pocket? Are you sure? Anyone remember the old Tootsie Roll commercial, the cartoon one where everything looks like a Tootsie Roll to the kids? "Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a Tootsie Roll to me!" It's good to find this thread. Because I was thinking of stuff, and popped...
  12. zio

    Welcome to Texas

    If you leave Shiner Bock in the cooler for folks who get thirsty in the middle of the night, you might be from Texas.
  13. zio

    Happy Birthday MXSparx and Zio

    My colon's ears were burning..... I'm alive. Just busy. Life is much better lately, however. Thanks all for the well wishes. Hope to be in Reno, but a new job has me tied up real tight. We'll see. Lou, my cell number is the same, just had probs with the acct. It's back up & running now.
  14. zio

    Bike Setup For My One Legged Buddy???

    Another cool gadget that might help- it's a thumb operated rear brake lever..... It's also of interest to Auto-clutch owners who want to keep the clutch lever.
  15. zio

    Okay Pred, I watched it..

    I'll say. That one scene in The Seduction of the Beekeeper, where part of you is all covered in honey and you say "Time to feed the Queen"... that gave me goosebumps.
  16. zio

    Okay Pred, I watched it..

    Okie probably got offended by the Tigon remark. The old farmer shooting the cow made me laugh. But it's not a knee-slapper. Just amusing to watch if you've got nothing better to do. My 3 year old niece, however, has watched it about 30-50 times. And they have to play that "Forever young"...
  17. zio


    He had a sleepover at Pink's house. I'd call in sick the next few months, too. :nod:
  18. zio

    2006 model news and rumors

    Powder Blue, or sky blue like the old IT's. I liked that. It looked good on the 1997 ktm Jackpiner.
  19. zio

    Really Stupid- 4 Firefighters@F.D. want to fight???

    You know, until you posted that, I wouldn't have put it together. But I think 89'r is lonely at the home. And they fixed the squeek in his wheelchair, so you can't hear him rolling up behind you anymore.
  20. zio

    Questionable law enforcement tatics

    I've been hearing that Carlos really is a man. But that don't mean it's true. Maybe he's got a friend who's a man, maybe he looka like a man, or maybe he taped a fake "manhood" thinger between his thighs. Point is, the grapevine can spit out some crazy stories that sound so close to the truth.
  21. zio

    Discount dealer in NY?

    going............. GOING..................................
  22. zio

    Coolant loss, bike ran bad during torturous mud race

    Changed the oil, and aside from being really dirty looking, and a little burnt smelling, there was no signs of coolant. The radiators took almost a whole liter of water. Pulled the pipe, and the piston looks pristine. ;) Took it for a spin, & it ran fine. Do I bother now with pulling the...
  23. zio

    Bike Setup For My One Legged Buddy???

    Oh, and I didn't see a direct response to your question about the Revloc. It allows riding the bike without using the clutch... the Revloc does the clutching for you. It does not, however, do the shifting. Starting & stopping without using the clutch are one advantage, and the other is...
  24. zio

    Bike Setup For My One Legged Buddy???

    Here's something I thought of that may help if he has a wooden leg- remember the heel & toe shifters on the old Trail 90's? Might be easier to press forward to downshift like normal, and press the back lever to upshift (not having to get that wooden foot underneath the shifter). I'm going...