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  1. gwcrim

    Joplin MO

    I bought something from someone there in April and it has yet to be delivered. Thought it might be nice for someone to put an eyeball on this guy's shop to see if he's still alive.
  2. gwcrim

    Joplin MO

    Anyone live or work there? I need a bit of help. Thanks.
  3. gwcrim

    progress on the bonneville bike

    Congratulations on a fine trip to the salt. Just making it there to compete is a victory in itself. The memories will last several lifetimes.
  4. gwcrim

    bigbore 2-strokes?

    I own a KX500 and it's hard to tell you not to buy one BUT it's not the best beginners bike for sure. Cut your teeth on a 250 for a season or two then move up if you still feel the need. 500s are the bitchenest!
  5. gwcrim

    Brand New to Off-roading/Dirtbiking.

    If you want to go small, look for a 100cc MX bike. They have better low end grunt and larger wheels than the 85s. I'm 5'9 and I feel a little cramped on the 85/100 chassis but the power is definitely enough to get you started. You might even look for a Honda CR150R. The power delivery would...
  6. gwcrim

    New to riding, bike advice please

    Cut the seat foam, slip the triple clamps down the fork tubes, set rear sag to max. Here's an idea: Or you could send the forks and shock off to be professionally lowered. You'll get a great set up and the correct...
  7. gwcrim

    New to riding, bike advice please

    The 125 sounds like a good bet. You can pick up a nice used one for under $2000. If you rode it for a year you could probably sell it for about the same, so long as you don't trash it. We have one and it hauls my 180 lbs around fine. The suspension isn't all bad and there are plenty of ways...
  8. gwcrim

    whats a good trail bike for a short guy?

    Off the top of my head, I've lowered a KX500, KX250, KX85, KX65, and a Harley Sportster. I know it effects handling but I'm no racer, just a weekend woods plunker. They ride just fine by me. My kids don't notice it either. Kawasakis are easy to lower with the rear suspension links. Lower the...
  9. gwcrim

    did they lift the ban on brand new 85s

    My local shop sells everything but fifties.
  10. gwcrim

    Thinking of buying a bike but not sure which one

    A TTR 230 is a VERY nice play bike. Even has an electric leg for those times when you're a bit worn out. Sure the suspension isn't the greatest, but for a few hundred dollars you could tune it up quite a bit. Don't overlook the KDX 200 or 220. Those are fantastic play bikes as well. Any...
  11. gwcrim

    clutch not disengaging

    The clutch issue may be the clutch basket. When they wear, they make the clutch hard to disengage. Common problem. Might require more than basic hand tools to fix.
  12. gwcrim

    Yamaha pw 50 wont start !please help

    Sounds like the kill switch wires are disconnected. When you get it running, it might not want to shut off. I'm sure some may disagree, but in a case of no starting, I'll shoot a blast of starting fluid into the carb just to see if it will fire.
  13. gwcrim

    Best Bike for Large Rider?

    Look for a Honda XR400. It's not a high strung race bike. It's a mellow trail bike. Less money, less maintenance.
  14. gwcrim

    HELP with CR85 not starting

    Did you try a new spark plug?
  15. gwcrim

    old kx500 need help

    Lots of KX500 junkies at
  16. gwcrim

    KX 60 fast enough for 65cc class

    Our PW 80 is the quietest bike we have. And that's after I hacked up the silencer. They're great bikes and they'll take lots of abuse. But they sure don't compare at all to a KX anything. That plus you started out saying he wants to race. A PW isn't a race bike, plain and simple. The more...
  17. gwcrim

    KX 60 fast enough for 65cc class

    I just got my 6 yr old a KX65. It scares me more than his brother's KX85/100 and my KX500. But my little guy has taken to it well. $6-700 seems to be a common price for a 60. 65s go for around $1000+ in my area. I found a sweet deal on a low hour 2006 for $900. The 65s have better...
  18. gwcrim

    Husky minis anyone??

    Darin, drop me an e-mail. I'm parting out a 2001 50 Jr. gwcrim at
  19. gwcrim

    hand guards.

    I've used Tusk on several bikes. They used to have a weak point in their bar mount but it's been changed and is now more sturdy.
  20. gwcrim

    7yr old outgrows PW50...what next?

    Figured I'd report back. My boy did great on his first ride tonight around the yard. He can get going fine w/the clutch and he can even kick start it. It's too tall so I'll lower it but otherwise he did great. Only dumped it once. Zoom is right. A KX60 can be had for under $1000 easily...
  21. gwcrim

    4X8 trailer and 3 full size bikes

    I've put 3 bikes on a 4x8 but it was one full sized, one KX85 and one PW80. The two bigger bikes face forward and the PW is in the middle facing the rear. The only rail I use is one made of 2x4s on the front and back. It's tight but surely do-able. Might try the two minis side by side next...
  22. gwcrim

    7yr old outgrows PW50...what next?

    At age 7 with previous riding experience, a KX65 or KTM 65 is not a bad option. Those 4 stroke trail bikes are nice and fun but they will get boring for a little adrenalin addict. The suspensions on them are lousy too. Do a search here for "KX65" and read some of the threads. Most parents...
  23. gwcrim

    93 octane.....pros vs cons?

    Pull you in? You are the one who tossed the match, pal. :bang: We all bow to your expertise. You are one world class master baiter. Come on now Pred, the question is about a KDX. (hint: it's a 2 stroke) Open your hole and share your wisdom. Ya can't let Pat have all the fun. :uh: What...
  24. gwcrim

    progress on the bonneville bike

    Back in 2000-2003, some pals and I ran our Sportsters at Bonneville. We even managed to bag several records. We also ran at the ECTA meets in North Carolina with some success, winning the motorcycle championship in 2002. What class are you gunning for? Ooops. I see you are undecided on...
  25. gwcrim

    93 octane.....pros vs cons?

    Sad, but the thing that I learned most from this thread is the meaning of the words "pretention, condescension, and conceit". Rich, there's no doubt you've forgotten more about fuel than I've ever known. But you and Patman could sure bone up on graciousness. That goes for a few of the other...