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  1. Treejumper

    I'm going to be a Grandpa

    Congrats! Enjoy being a Grandpa
  2. Treejumper

    Weekend training

    That was me at the very end.
  3. Treejumper

    Strange things found while riding

    A panty tree with hundreds of undies. Must of been the local make out spot, got a better view later that night with the truck and spotlight.
  4. Treejumper

    HBD Rooster!

    Happy birthday roo!
  5. Treejumper

    DirtWeek 2002 Awards Video

    That was cool. The wife and kids thought it was neat to see dad on crutches. Reunion sounds really good!
  6. Treejumper

    Next group ride at Lost Trails

    When's unadilla? Wife wants to go there and spend some time at the casino in willkes-barre. Might be able to ride some that weekend
  7. Treejumper

    Getting Ready yet???

    Yep, last ride besides around the house for afew minutes was Father's day weekend in 2008 with you guys. I do ride the street bike to work everyday so i do get some riding in.
  8. Treejumper

    Getting Ready yet???

    I fired mine up the other day and was surprised it fired up on the fourth kick on 3 year old gas. Yes i need to get out and ride more.
  9. Treejumper

    Hey Squeaky !!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Treejumper

    Anybody up for a trip to Hatfield-McCoy?

    Cant, went riding in july and getting my trophy in April. :)
  11. Treejumper

    Anybody up for a trip to Hatfield-McCoy?

    Nothing wrong with animal stories! :)
  12. Treejumper

    HBD Kids

    I'm here til friday morning
  13. Treejumper

    HBD RM_guy

    Sorry bud, missed yours too. Happy Birthday
  14. Treejumper

    HBD Kids

    Happy Birthday guys! Come to vegas and i'll buy you some drinks.
  15. Treejumper

    Lost Trails Group Ride - FINALIZED - 6/19-6/20

    I wont be able to make it, stuck on second shift friday so by time i leave here i would have to leave the campground a half hour later. Sorry, i like you guys but not enough to drive 7 hours round trip for a half hour of pleasure. ;)
  16. Treejumper

    Lost Trails Group Ride - FINALIZED - 6/19-6/20

    Hell, have to leave by 10:30!! That's when the party starts getting good.
  17. Treejumper

    Lost Trails Group Ride - FINALIZED - 6/19-6/20

    Hi guys! Cant make this ride, sorry. If your camping friday i might be able to swing by for a visit friday night for afew hours??
  18. Treejumper

    Happy Birthday BSWIFT

    Happy belated birthday brian!
  19. Treejumper

    Happy Birthday Rooster!!!!

    Happy Birthday Rooster!
  20. Treejumper

    HBD Treejumper!

    Thanks guys! Dave, sure i do. Maybe even as much as you do. :)
  21. Treejumper

    Rich Rohrich has a "B-day"

    Happy birthday Rich!
  22. Treejumper

    Someone talk some sense into me!!!

    Hey, everyone in this thread joined in 2000 except patman. Yes, i'm bored this morning.