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  1. Chad Reed 2009 National Champion....

    I think that may be right or it could be that speedy reedy just can't maintain it as long as the others. You gotta admit that even from the back of the pack RC and James would still get up front and battle. I think its because they can run the pace all race. Reed is as fast as anybody for a few...
  2. Chad Reed 2009 National Champion....

    What a bummer. We had a blast at Freestone. Alessi was cool and confident. He walked around the facility in the morning talking to people like he was one of the crowd. Reed may have shaved some time off but not when MA was really running, Reed did not have anything for him. I don't know what's...
  3. #2 Hangtown SPOILER

    Who do you guys think Kawi will get? I can't imagine them just hauling the truck around with no riders. Bring back Hamblin,give an unknown a chance???? What say you?
  4. wardys spring ride part 1

    That's cause he got some Cajun roots!! :laugh: Great pics!
  5. #2 Hangtown SPOILER

    Just awful that RV is out. Guess I will be pulling for Alessi and Grant. One thing is for sure it's anybody's title now.
  6. spoiler Glen Helen finally back outdoors

    I got sick of Reed in SX. I used to be a fan now I just can't stand him. He just doesn't have anything for James. JS can beat him at will and Chad knows it. RV got him covered outside so he won't get that title either. He thought a MX without James was his ticket to a #1 plate, but I think the...
  7. Who's going to Wortham June 6?!?

    My son Josh and I will be there. Making a little vacation out of it, going up Friday, Race Sat., bring mama to Dallas Sun. ,coming home on Mon.
  8. freestone images

    Very nice will. I have a few also but nowhere near as nice. I had my D60 with a cheap lens and my sd750 which Josh used to take a few.
  9. 3 Day Weekend!

  10. Casey Finaly Got a Bike

    Good job and nice bike. I had one b4 my 450 and loved it. Happy riding.
  11. Lap Times

    It seems to me they run as fast as they need to not as fast as the 450 can go. You are saying the 450 is wasted power but thats not necessarily so. BT and Villo were pushing each other harder the last few weeks i.e. their lap times will be low. Most guys look for 10ths of a second on thier...
  12. Freestone National

    We are coming in from louisiana to watch it. It is my son's first outdoor national, I'll never be able to get the smile off his face.
  13. A couple prom shots

    Very nice squid!! The posing is very good..... you sure you have not done this b4? Looks proffesional. :cool:
  14. Honda CRF450

    I have never heard of a warranty with a dirtbike. I have bought 5 bikes since 02 and never was offered or had a warranty on any of them. I am not sure what you paid for.
  15. Webcast?
  16. There was this 11 year old who

    Great Job Luke!! :cool:
  17. I Got My First Bike!

    Congrats!! Have fun and be safe.
  18. who watched the fantasy SX and...

    Yeah I have been saying that for a few years now and still don't have it figured out. :bang: :laugh:
  19. Detroit SX Photos

    :cool: Very nice Squid!!!!
  20. Wallpapers from Indy

    They look great squid! :cool:
  21. Ouch finally saw the xrays

    Ouch! Dave. Hope Spider Gets well soon.
  22. Don't light a match!

    I'm calling Al Gore you're endangering the planet. :laugh:
  23. Noise Problem: The AMA is a bunch of morons

    That's not really fair Patman. I ride a HD which is posted somewhere on here and a CRF450. The 450 is louder than the HD, so are you saying that I am trying to draw attention to myself when on the track. If you knew me you would know I putt around and never, on either bike, need to draw...
  24. No Orlando SX Comments?

    Pred and Okie you guys are showing your age. Peter Faulk :think: Conrad Dobler :think: O.K. I agree that after this year when JBS wins the two titles (WSX,AMASX) the flood gates will open and he will continue to rack up the titles just like RC. Also as far as this outdoor nonsense, do...
  25. LEATT brace first ride report

    That would sure work for me!!!!! :laugh: :p