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  1. dirty~d~

    Testing one two three...

    Wow, that's warm... kinda wet, too. Is that love or is that... sniff sniff... :uh: :nener: :laugh:
  2. dirty~d~

    Act now to save our sport

    I don't have children, but I'm furious that the government thinks they can tell me what sports I'm allowed to let my children be involved in. Children riding dirt bikes hurts NO ONE! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I wish I could add a few choice phrases to that letter. :yell: :yell: :yell: :yell:
  3. dirty~d~

    Testing one two three...

    I've missed this place and now that I have my tank pretty much back on track I can get some decent riding in... time permitting. No badge for me (long story, kinda boring), but I start school end of March for Nursing. I never thought I'd get excited about school. :)
  4. dirty~d~

    " He's MY boyfriend"

    Actually no, it's not a guy thing. It's a woman's insecurity thing. She should be thankful that his passion is something as simple and as harmless as motorcycles. **disclaimer - I'm not generalizing about women, I am one.**
  5. dirty~d~

    Jeremy Lusk Dies After FMX Accident in Costa Rica

    My condolences to his family and friends. Too young. :(
  6. dirty~d~

    What are you reading?

    Just finished What Every Body Is Saying by Joe Navarro. Now I'm re-reading Watchmen by Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons/John Higgins.
  7. dirty~d~

    199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story on MTV

    Gotta love that guy! I can't wait to see him Rally in person.
  8. dirty~d~

    Which is better????

    I'm a little too long in the leg to ride a TTR125 full time, but I have played on one. Great bike for putting around on and having a good time. I'm sure if you contact the owners of the bikes you're interested in they will try to accommodate a test ride. Hopping on is the only way to know...
  9. dirty~d~

    Remembering Danny Macias

    Hey if I agree to be Lou's umbrella girl can I come watch? :)
  10. dirty~d~

    Fly by howdy

    I'm glad to see the house is still standing. I'm sorry I've been missing the parties. I hope everyone is doing well. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays 2008 is going to be a spectacular year for D... tell ya more soon. :ride: Out like a trout!
  11. dirty~d~

    If you were to move to Georgia?

    From one left coaster to the other, the beaches in GA don't compare. You have to go to VA and NC for the nice ones. Since I spent most of my waking hours on post I didn't get to see much of the area around Augusta, but what I did see was decent. We drove up to SC one weekend in the Spring and...
  12. dirty~d~

    Two Firefighters Killed In Line of Duty

    Dang, I hate hearing about this kind of thing. :( RIP gentlemen.
  13. dirty~d~

    Superbowl XLI predictions

    I'm pretty torn at this point... Dungy has deserved a Superbowl ring for YEARS and yet I feel obligated to cheer for the Bears after beating my Hawks to get where they are. It should be a great game.
  14. dirty~d~

    Happy Birthday to the Letter Folks

    Thanks guys and gals. So much to say and so little time... kinda like the Oscars.
  15. dirty~d~

    For Kiwi and MrLuckey - New Zealand Labour Day!!

    Do New Zealanders really need an excuse to party though? Honestly. :) Happy Labour Day Kiwi!
  16. dirty~d~

    Pay off those Credit Cards

    CONGRATS SMIFFY! I did something similar not too long ago. I managed to get an unsecured loan from my credit union that covered paying off my two credit cards. Now I make the same payment every month for three years and then no more. :) Feels great doesn't it? As for my red 4x4 monster...
  17. dirty~d~

    Dropping an H bomb on ya

    Ah, one thing that you will ALL find comical, I'm sure... I wear pink once in a while now. In public even. No, that does not mean you'll catch me in pink riding gear.
  18. dirty~d~

    Dropping an H bomb on ya

    *dirty~d~ flashes the STM forum* :) There ya go Wolf. I'm still working on getting my life in order so that I have more time to enjoy the slave money that I earn. This job that I thought would turn into a great career is turning into another boring way to earn a paycheck. I'm pretty...
  19. dirty~d~

    Dropping an H bomb on ya

    Hello, that is. I miss you guys!! :( I wish I had more time to play on the computer. If they didn't block me from work I'd be all set. :) I've been surviving the best I know how. What's going on with the freaks in here?
  20. dirty~d~

    Some photos for your enjoyment

    That's awesome Elkaroo. Thanks for sharing! I'm jealous.
  21. dirty~d~

    Happy Birthday Jamir!

    Daaang, I have to hear about this from PRED? Sheesh! Happy Birthday Big Thunda!
  22. dirty~d~

    Looks like I'll be in Atlanta, GA...

    Hey Nat! Sorry I missed the chance to see you guys again. I was up on the Northwest side of the city at Headquarters. I didn't get a whole lot of free time, but I did get taken to dinner at Papa Deaux's... EXCELLENT Cajun grub. MMMMMMMMM, crawfish etoufette with dirty rice... SOOOOO...
  23. dirty~d~

    Looks like I'll be in Atlanta, GA...

    It looks like I'm not going to have time to hang out with any DRNers this time around. :( I'm not liking this work related travel shtuff.