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  1. Anybody got the 250 X

    Just incase you did not catch the link from a previous post, check out... this guy has his bike set up! Mike
  2. Bikeboot or Bikeshoe, any bad reviews?

    Follow up post, now that I have several trips on the new trailer. The 21" bikeboot is perfect, holds the bike rock solid. The 17 and 19" are not the same design, and while they look like they would work better, I do not think they as good. they do the job OK, but I need to toss a single...
  3. smaller rear wheel??

    Excellent, THANKS. Mike
  4. smaller rear wheel??

    Hi all, I picked up some rims off of ****, but I noticed the rear is a 18" rather than my stock 19". I have a 1998 YZ400F. What difference would it make? Seems that it would change the gearing, I am OK with that, any other reason why to run a smaller rear rim? Can I lower the...
  5. Hot Start switch

    I rarely use mine on my 1998 YZ400F either. Unless the engine is realy hot, like lugging it through single track trails, etc, I can usualy just kick it over as is, sometimes even in gear. Mike
  6. Great CR 80 mods. Low end??YES!!!

    For the first few test rides I did not notice a difference on the top end either. I may get a better feel on the trails tomorrow, but then again I am a 4S rider and my son is on the 2S so not sure how much difference I will tell. On my few 2S rides I never was able to get a good feel of that...
  7. Great CR 80 mods. Low end??YES!!!

    Well I just completed my mods on my sons CR80. The Bonz exhaust spacer made a noticable difference. Proper jetting made a difference also. I found I moved the stock jetting worked fine, but with the needle all the way to the top. The moose spacer helped also, but the next big bang for...
  8. A reccomendation on a dial caliper to buy pls

    I just picked one up online, $30 delivered, and it is a Digital one, figured it would make it way easy to read. Thanks for all the input, Mike
  9. Quick question, CR80 pipe / silicone junction

    Hey all, Just pulled my sons CR80 pipe off and I see the plastic type 'ring' around the exhaust flange. Do I discard that and just fill that area with the Black Silicone? Thanks Mike
  10. A reccomendation on a dial caliper to buy pls

    Hi all, I would like to buy a caliper to add to my toolbox but I am not familiar with the various ones. As with most things, I suppose price makes a difference. Is there a brand, or price point I should be looking at? Any reccomendations are appreciated. I am a fan of ****, maybe...
  11. Nor-Cal Newbie

    Hoping to revive this older thread and find some NorCal riders. I am just north of Berkeley and have been riding for several years. I am 42 and my son is 12. We love Hollister but find it a long drive during these short days. We have recently rode the last couple of weekends at Metcalf and I...
  12. Great CR 80 mods. Low end??YES!!!

    I see the exhaust spacer at you can check for the moose torque spacer at and I ordered mine from Dennis Kirk. Both have parts for the KX85 Mike
  13. Great CR 80 mods. Low end??YES!!!

    I spoke with my local honda dealer, and he had good things to say about the reed block spacer also, so we will see. I am not sure which side of the block it goes on, but it is due to arrive next monday, I will post info soon as I can see the instructions and get it installed, Mike
  14. Great CR 80 mods. Low end??YES!!!

    Well, the Bonz spacer, goes in the exhaust port, the Moose torque spacer goes on the carburator side at the Reed Block. While the Bonz spacer simply claims more low end, the moose spacer says it shifts the power band by several hundred RPM. If you do a search on each of...
  15. '02, CR80 Suspension

    Hey Eric, my son is on an '02 CR80, thanks for the suspension info. He is about 100 lbs, so I will experiment with the Sag. Did I see that 3" is the correct sag setting? Also, with the chain, I seem to have problems getting it just right. We loosened it up, then went riding and after a...
  16. Great CR 80 mods. Low end??YES!!!

    I ordered the spacer ring yesterday, and will post after I have a chance to install it. I also ordered the Moose Torque Spacer, so that that to try also. I would go with a Low/Mid port job, but do not want the bike down for 3 weeks right now. We ride at sea level, in California. Mike
  17. tranny oil

    Per the service manual, 4 stroke oil or 10W-40 is recomeneded, along with the Honda Trans Oil. as far as how much, here is what they say. Run the engine for 3 mins then shut off. Support bike on level ground. Remove oil filler cap from right side engine Remove oil drain bolt under...
  18. 85cc - four stroke equivalent

    I have been watching for this also. Per a recent converstation with my Honda dealer, right now the hold back is the weight of a 4S bike. Even 5 or 10lbs on such a small bike and rider would be a disadvantage. My guess is that in the next couple of years they will make some rule changes...
  19. 2 -stroke dad needs help fighting "spooge"

    Hi all, well I contacted FMF and my local dealer. FMF said things should be 'about' right with stock settings. The dealer suggested putting it all stock, repack silencer, clean airfilter, and then do a test run. I am going to go with the stock set up, some new honda synthetic oil...
  20. 2 -stroke dad needs help fighting "spooge"

    OK, Pulled the carb, just as I thought it is all stock. I moved the needle down one notch, and need to get a smaller main jet (125 down to 122) and a larger pilot, from 50 to 52. The air screw was off by 1/4 turn also. Pulled the silencer off, it looked like it had never been repacked...
  21. 2 -stroke dad needs help fighting "spooge"

    Thanks for all the info. Pulling things apart in a bit. So I know how to repack the silencer, but how do I clean the pipe? I have heard of using oven cleaner? Thanks
  22. What chain for CR80 - Oring? 420 or 428?

    Hi all, Seems like I am adjusting the chain on my sons bike after every ride. Sure it is time for a new chain and sprockets. What are all you 2 stroke dads doing out there? O-ring? if not, which chain seems to be longest wearing? do I need to kick it up to a 428? Thanks Mike
  23. 2 -stroke dad needs help fighting "spooge"

    Thanks, I pulled out the manual, and checked FMF's site. Looks like the jets should be one size smaller than stock. I will pull the carb later today and check what is installed. My guess is the previous owner bolted on a new pipe and did not change jetting, will post and let you all know...
  24. The Future of 2 Strokes Once And For All

    From way out here in California new 2S can only be ridden in state parks during winter months, they get a Red Sticker. The new WRF450 four Stroke is now a green sticker for all year riding. Hard to buy a new bike for trail riding with a red sticker. Also, at the SF SX a couple of weeks ago, 19...
  25. 2 -stroke dad needs help fighting "spooge"

    Hi all, Just bought my son a 2002 CR80, with a fresh dealer rebuild. Have had a KX60 before. Anyways, there is a lot of the excess oil out the exhaust pipe, enough that I can pick it up on my chest protector when I ride behind him, (small black dots of greasy stuff). Also it drips down on...