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  1. where is dirt week at ?

    just like the title says i would like to know where and when so i can attend this year :cool:
  2. street legal kx 250?

    dont forget you need a horn to pass nj inspection
  3. crank case seals

    i did this on several bikes before ... depends what side your doing it on ... may take up to an hour or two if your taking your time ... seals are cheap but i would ask your local shop how much an hour they are charging .
  4. lost piston pin

    this happed to my buddies kx 125
  5. Lifan into a Z50

    lifan motors are nice ..... i had a lifan 110 on my crf50 and it just flat out rips ..... been riding it for over a year and a half with no problems !
  6. cr250 problems

    sounds to me as if the right side crank seal is blown out. check that and see what it lookds like .
  7. forks

    so what happens ? does it cause things to bind up , or blow fork seals out ? sorry for asking so many questions im just wondering what will happen .
  8. 01 yz 125

    hi there i dont have a manuel for the bike yet i was just wondering what the stock settings are for the forks :coocoo: . thank you !
  9. forks

    how come ?
  10. 1993 Honda CR125

    my second bike i owned was a 93 cr125 . i loved it . good luck with it !
  11. forks

    im not quite sure but i belive you can use ATF in your forks but I would check on that before you do it .
  12. oil/gas mix

    i use mobile 1 mxt2 oil mixed at 50:1
  13. 3 Valve Pit bike Transmission Start in any gear???

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  14. 2002 yz426 engine mods

    i believe that ratio for more top speed would be a fewer less on the rear and 1 or 2 more on the front
  15. Back in the game!

    sweet bike man good luck !
  16. cylinder sleeve

    thatnks for the info thats pretty much what i thought they did
  17. cylinder sleeve

    I am very curious as to how shops get a cylinder sleeve out and reinstall a a new one ? :coocoo:
  18. lifan 140cc engine

    i have a lifan 110 motor in my 50 and have not had any problems yet where as my buddies who spent 1500$ on an sdg 110 pit bike have problems with it every time they go out :rotfl:
  19. Jet Ski ?

    Hey guys i am in the market for a jet ski and was just wondering what a good brand to go with is ? also when i go out to look at one what should i be looking at ? Any info would be very much appreciated because i really dont know what to look at for i am new to the jet ski thing . :coocoo:
  20. Sweet deal!

    nice find and good luck to both you and your g/f with it !
  21. Is my hub bent or the brake rotor?

    more than likely your front wheel needs to be " trued "
  22. yz 125 mod

    does anyone know if a 1996 yz 125 cylinder will fit a 2001 yz 125 if so will the 2001 head be a direct replacement for the 96 cylinder ? :coocoo:
  23. best way to clean a fully assembled motor

    purple power is the way to go
  24. Just got Eric Gorr's book.

    yea i have the mx and offroad handbook second edition and boy did he do a good job writing it out . very helpfull and i am very impressed !