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  1. Wisconsin lost a major part of MX history/ support

    God Bless... This coming Thurs, many have much to be thankfull for. OLD Guy, I don't know the folks you speak of, but I recognize your loss and are with you brother. Irish
  2. Christmas Lights Gone Wild

    You and me both. However I have yet to see anything that beat's Lexington KY's. If you find a better on Post It! Not saying there is, but just in my experiance. Irish.
  3. Been WAAAAY Out of touch....

    Yes I have, well due to a few career decissions I have been gone for some time. I've matured a little and taken stock of other areas. I no longer have a bike, I cried for three days straight over that LOL! Though I am shopping for next year. I have my own truck, I'm sure all the "Turkey...
  4. Been outta touch lately

    Elk, I know the feeling, good luck with "Touching Base" Sorry to hear of the home, just keep picking away at it. I feel so hepless here because I'm kept as a member of my states reaction force, so I can't go anywhere to help. I know you and I have come off on other sides of a conversation...
  5. Oh Hell....He's Back.....

    Hey guy's, The worst part about promotion is waiting on school's. The higher you get the more you need. I am waiting on one at Aberdeen Maryland as we speek. So my only solace is Duck Hunting in the fall. Aside from that I donn't know, but I may say I will be looking for some spf 50 soon. P.K.
  6. Welcome windfall as our newest STM

    I haven't been around for some time, most can attest to that, it all happens when you make other plans. At any rate, welcome.
  7. Oh Hell....He's Back.....

    Hey All! Just checking in. It's been awhile and I am just looking around, miss the "roost" and just wanted to touch base before I had to get on a plane. Other than schools and sand that is all I have known for awhile now. Sorry to Tony and all the others I have neglected(sp) while I was "out...
  8. Land Between the Lakes

    Jaybird and CAL, Thanks for the call out, and I appreciate eddie and the others. I am still stuck in the states awaiting orders.....Screw you all! Best of love to you all! Irish!
  9. Support Team Read This!

    Wait a second, I screwed up. Sorry Rooster. It's been a while...My mistake.;)
  10. Support Team Read This!

    Funny Guy on a 125! :) Say Hello when you can, the e-mail is still the same. The Lube is awesome! I am still in Kentucky for the time being, I may be going to the "sand box" or "rock pile" soon. Regards, Irish
  11. Support Team Read This!

    I guess I am the "Dum Dum".....I just figured out how to sighn back in ......Call me stupid.....But I love this place......
  12. Happy Birthday!

    Happy B-Day Rat Trap, hope it was a good one!
  13. Not DB related but,

    Come on now Greenie, you had to have been at least a witness to that "Gargantiouan"(sp) moment? You can't be far from the premisis in question! :)
  14. Way to go Carlo.

    Taking the Big Bear's advice...... :confused: Sorry Lucky!
  15. Way to go Carlo.

    :) Thanks '89r! I'm baited and waiting paitiantly for the explaination....I have a feeling it's going to be good! :thumb: :laugh:
  16. Not DB related but,

    Thanks Big Guy, I am still questioning the "Explosive" Ryan's story though. I know your twist on humor and that sounded a little close to "True Life." :) :thumb:
  17. Weak joke of the week

    wibby and rfs, :) :thumb: Reminds me of all the fun Moose and I had wit a 1 generation removed (We swore it was Bobcat!) Maine Coon named Mittens. You wouldn't belive all the fun two kids could have with a linoliem floor and a highley agitated feline! :yeehaw: :laugh:
  18. Raw Fish

    O-K, I'm officially stating for the fact that that is EWWWWW! :ugg: EEL, yuck! Great Striper Bait, but after seeing Lampray's feed on Salmon, EEL's = Bait, Food= YUCK!
  19. What do you take in your fanny pack?

    :) Necsessities! I know a small First Aid kit is a must! But since I am a 2 smoker rider plugs and a wrench are prerecuisits too. On long rides tubes for both and irons are a must with the CO2 inflator, but for simple loop rides I slim it down( Meaning buddies all over the place.). The...
  20. Random DirtWeek Thoughts

    :( The fact that I missed it last year and wheather or not I'll be able to make it this year. I am still awaiting dates from the Army, if I get them I may be in OK about that time. :thumb: If not it's school for me and I may try to finnaggle a ride out with Moose... Always have a...
  21. Way to go Carlo.

    O-K, I know there is more to this story....Spill it! :) "Beemer?" Is he trying out one O' Dem things that has more luggage and halogen than a Gold Wing? :laugh:
  22. Not DB related but,

    Mike, There is plenty of pride in the accomplishment. ;) I had my doubts trying to roll the APFT and the road march togeather in a week for an aging college student coming off a month of bed rest and training up. The lil' buggers are all but dried out but still tender. Been in flip flops...
  23. Not DB related but,

    It had been 3 1/2 months since I busted my ribs on a job site and had been training 4 days a week to get this done in the least ammount of time possible and still be relativly fit to carry on with work with minimal recovery time. For those of you that would like to build up leg endurance I...
  24. A truly scary thought

    LMAO! You have just announced your candidacy to the first ever DRN Reality Show..... :) All we have to do is come up with a name.....The "Bacholarette'" is already taken so what will we call it? :laugh:
  25. The benefits from crashing on a Sunday

    Whoo Hooo! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! ;) Grosse(sp) them out good and proper! :thumb: ~D~ Hope your on the mend, I can't wait to post my next grisly get off! :) :yeehaw: