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    2019 YZ450F Stock Map

    Got the answer, yes, stock map is all zeroes, for anyone else that is wondering.
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    i am new and but know what to do

    Welcome, what info are you looking for?
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    2019 YZ450F Stock Map

    In my haste to play with the new tuner app, I didn't save the stock map. I'm thinking the stock map is probably all zeroes anyway, but I wanted to verify that. Anyone know for sure?
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    RacerX's 2019 Supercross Preview ... Let's Race!

    If Eli stays healthy and upright, he can't be stopped.
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    Ban 4-Strokes

    That just tells you how fast he is going to do that. Crazy
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    Merry Christmas!

    Happy New Year. We rode trails yesterday. Always fun to get on the bike. I just wish it would stop raining. I think we can Jet Ski on the track right now...
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    Harsh finger pain from riding

    Have you changed grips, gloves, handlebars, levers?
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    I heard without pictures it didn't happen

    Cost is one of the reasons it took me so long to make the jump. Seemed ridiculous to spend 8K at the time and my 2002 with the Eric Gorr and Jeremy Wilkey mods is still close to anything newer in 2t. Good point on the braking too. I almost crashed when I discovered that the 250 doesn't slow...
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    I heard without pictures it didn't happen

    I rode last weekend. Took my 2002 YZ250 out first. Love that bike and 2 strokes. So, came back in and took the new bike out. Took a while to adjust, but the ergos were spot on. Felt very comfortable on the bike. I was a little worried about jumps. I didn't have a feel for the sound and...
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    Help Help a newbie

    My fault. Didn't see all the other pages. Thought this was a new thread. Carry on. The project looks great.
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    I heard without pictures it didn't happen

    No way, don't want to get it dirty!
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    Help Help a newbie

    Is that CDN$? If so, $915 US. Still seems high. I have a friend's YZ250 listed for 1200 US and it is in much better shape.
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    I heard without pictures it didn't happen

    This is a weeks worth of deliveries:
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    I heard without pictures it didn't happen

    So, here is the bike straight from the dealer:
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    I've always like Fly. The make XX-Large. Decent price too.
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    Motocross of nations not for US?

    Finally winning it in 81 was very cool and continuing the streak to make it 13 straight years was outstanding. We won a couple of more and then went on a 7 race streak from 2005 to 2011. We've won 22, which is more than any other country. Don't give up just yet. The same things were being...
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    Off-Topic The Scrub in a whole new light...

    Nice landing. Most modern airliners are certified to land in a crab. Not all airlines teach that method. We don't, we land in a slide slip or wing low, although we can accept about 5 degrees of crab.
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    Octane, Non-Ethanol and Pinging problems

    @Rich Rohrich , it looks like VP isn't making C18 any longer. I can't figure out if they renamed it or just cut it all together since I can't even find the specs for it to compare. I just picked up a 2019 YZ450F. I've been using C12 in my YZ250 which Eric modified so many years ago. You...
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    What happened to the place?

    Been quite a while for me too. Same deal, life, kids grew up (Haley is 26!). Still have the same 2002 YZ250. Just never saw any reason to get a new bike. Eric and Jeremy had done my mods. 2-stroke evolution died and I just wasn't a fan of starting over with a 4-stroke. Kind of getting the...
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    iPod / Nano / Shuffle, etc.

    You can use iTunes to burn a playlist to an audio CD, which you can then rip back to MP3 or WMA if you need. It is a cludge, but it works. Use a RW CD and you won't waste media.
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    Perserverence DOES pay

    I was impressed that I received a letter from District Ranger Slone notifying me of the decision. To my surprise, the letter states that there were only 80 comments to the proposed closure. Evidently that was enough for them to decide against the closure.
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    West TN/N MS Help... has the links to the local tracks.
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    Now THIS is STUPID.. MORE PC Different coach, same result: