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  1. My Colorado vacation pict's (from 3 years ago)

    I was just up at Tin Cup and Cottonwood this July 4th, sooo much fun......
  2. Avalanche Enduro (Durango, CO ) who is in?

    Note to self: Change spark plug BEFORE race this time..... Probably not, my company just got purchased by another company and they are going to cash out our vacation and I already have 4 weeks vacation planned through January. Any more will be putting a big dent in the income level...
  3. Mountain biking

    My new ride! Well, it will be here in about 4 weeks. More like a 125 without an engine than a Mtn. Bike. The uphills are gonna suck, but the downs are gonna ROCK! Firecracker, you should look into the Downhiller helmets, they look like...
  4. Avalanche Enduro (Durango, CO ) who is in?

    I'm am 99% sure that I am going. Anyone else?
  5. 2nd Enduro Race Report

    Yeah, need to speed up the change time! Note to self, keep gloves on, the engine is HOT! Spent too much time trying to get it going before giving in and changing it. New plug before every race from now on!
  6. 2nd Enduro Race Report

    I was wondering how you were racing a GG 300 in the 200C class..... SANDBAGGER! :flame:
  7. 2nd Enduro Race Report

    Yeah, It says I finished 152! Guess that's what happens when you pick that Enduro for your first one! I have the PDF version and it goes to 167 places though.
  8. 2nd Enduro Race Report

    Oh yeah! Next up: Durango, CO on the 24th!
  9. 2nd Enduro Race Report

    Second Enduro ever, I finished and did not hour out! Check out the check times and points lost. One more minute and would have been DQ'ed at the last check. Check --- Points 1 ---- 4 2 --- 20 3 ---- 8 4 --- 24 5 --- 12 6 --- 24 7 ---- 4 8 --- 40 9 --- 59 Total --- 195 I...
  10. From Dirt to the street-

    It is called freedom of choice! Do I have to wear a helmet? No. Do I? Yes, everytime. But it is my choice, I don't like being told what to do by anyone, Especially the govt. However, if you are not wearing a helmet/proper gear, and get hurt I do not feel that my insurance premiums...
  11. From Dirt to the street-

    10 Rules for safe road riding: 1. Everybody on the road is an idiot and is out to kill you. 2. They DON'T see you, ever. 3. Don't ride over 75% of your ability level, that extra 25% is what will save your hide when you need it. 4a. Volvos, mini-vans and nowadays SUV's are your worst...
  12. Colorado National Results?

    How was it compared to the last one, terrain/difficulty wise? (Grand Junction)
  13. Colorado National Results?

    I don't know who won the enduro, but I will be checking in to find out the horror stories! PS - Please, if you know what happened in the MX national don't post it in here, I would like to see it for myself!
  14. Anybody else moto also?

    Just got back from the track, no water and tilling today due to low rider turn out on Tuesdays. Anybody else moto as well and ride trails, enduro etc... Actually, I am getting sort of tired of the track scene and am considering selling my MX bike. Focus on trails/enduros etc for a while.
  15. Watchdog vs. Checkmate

    Ahh, the voice of the gadget man! PS - The programming friend would end up being me! Computer dork over here......
  16. First Enduro Race Report

    I had heard 2 C riders finished, this makes me feel even better!! That is impressive about Smetzle balancing there for 4 minutes. I am lucky to stay balanced while traveling at speed! Thanks for the advice. It sure is overwhelming at first. I was doing the route chart calculations but...
  17. First Enduro Race Report

    I am not going to Del Norte, I have to finish up my Hunter Education course. Something about proving I can safely discharge a firearm at the range, and pasing a written test. Already cancelled this part once. Kind or irritated at the whole thing. I have been hunting and around firearms since I...
  18. Watchdog vs. Checkmate

    Definitely not going to Del Norte, Have to finish up Hunter Education that day. Planning on Rand though.
  19. Watchdog vs. Checkmate

    Ahhh, the voice of reason.....
  20. Watchdog vs. Checkmate

    Yup, it has a trailtech panoram.
  21. Watchdog vs. Checkmate

    Debating on which computer to get. Since I am new to the enduro world I could probably race a few more and not having a computer at all probably would not matter. That being said, one can never have too many gadgets.... My thoughts are: The Checkmate looks REALLY nice with all the info...
  22. First Enduro Race Report

    Hey BCR-Bob, Thanks for the great race and all the hard work! I sure do appreciate it! I am glad to hear that the trails got designated for future use as well!! I was not bitching or complaining about your club or the terrain etc, just so you know that! I was just trying to comment on how...
  23. First Enduro Race Report

    The club that put it on apparently is used to doing desert races not enduros. Maybe they don't have lawn mowers in the desert???? :eek:
  24. First Enduro Race Report

    Hey GETMETOCA, Sounds like good advice! :p I saw on the womens forum you might do the 24 hour in WA. I am trying to get a CO team together from thumpertalk to go. Looks like I have 3 so far, still working on a few more. 8 hours of racing each might be a bit much!
  25. First Enduro Race Report

    BEFORE: So full of promise!! AFTER!! More pix at: