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  1. Reflections on DRN

    Well said. Very well said. Lee W.
  2. Happy Birhtday Hunter!

    Happy birthday man :p Hope ya have a good one! Lee W. L85
  3. Other strange habits

    I have a weird problem with my bike throttle, it has to be perfectly smooth. So after almost every ride I take it apart and clean it, regreese it and put it all back together... Kinda odd I know, but then again, I think all dirt bikers are kinda odd in their own way. Lee W. L85
  4. Home Video Editing

    Hello again everyone. Long time no see, I guess I have just been busy. But right to the point, I finally have my video camera, firewire card and compter working all together and have started making videos. I have been using ArcSoft "ShowBiz" to edit my movies but I think I need some more...
  5. Any one vouch for CanadianRider AKA Aaron.

    Bleh, you would trust that bugger? :moon: Haha, just kidding, I would trust him and better yet, I would be 100% fine with buying his bike. I can say it's a great condition bike, being his "online mechanic" and all. He takes great care of it and has MANY high quality photos of it, I know for...
  6. "Port" report...much more than I expected....

    I'm really looking foward to my next top end, I'm going to send my cylinder in to Eric for porting. After reading your review I feel pretty good about trusting my stuff to Eric. Lee W. L85
  7. Eat your heart out Patman!

    Mmmm Mmmm, looks mighty good. Is there enough for everyone? Boy I sure do hope so, if I wasn't so full from dinner I'd be drooling over such a good lookin dish. Lee W. L85
  8. Anyone have home video of trail rides?

    Haha, yeah, for the most part, it's either classical or something by Metallica floating through my head while riding. Lou - Thats one way to do it! Right now I'm using Arcsoft's ShowBiz. If you need a copy of it just send me a PM, it's a great little program. Lee W. L85
  9. Anyone have home video of trail rides?

    Dang Lou, for being a member of Team NTAC your really good! What prog did you use to edit your videos? And what Codec did you use? Good stuff Lou! :yeehaw: Lee W. L85 BSP
  10. Anyone have home video of trail rides?

    Thats really a bummer to hear :( But I do have some video for you. I just got my new video camera hooked up to the comp with my new FireWire card so for the last few days since I got it, I've been going crazy with it! Here is the first video, it's very small because I had to compress it...
  11. Lame Lorenzo Lamas jump on Fox

    Well, 60ft is a good jump, 100ft is even better! I'm impressed with anyone doing that kind of gap. So while yeah, might not seem to impressive to most MX riders but hey, gotta give the guy credit for trying it. Lee W. L85
  12. Helmet cameras yeah or neah?

    Have you guys seen the cameras? They look pretty nice also, and more lives of rez too, but at a higher price. Lee W.
  13. '00 rm125

    The 00 RM125 is a nice enough bike. My friend Brian has one so I've had lots of time to ride and work on it. The bike has some funny shrouds to them, they are fairly wide and curve sort of outwards from the bottom to the top. The engine is fairly nice, it's easy to work on. It's a single...
  14. Happy Birthday swapmoto

    A while back TWMX was giving away free T-shirts! So Happy Birthday Mr. Maeda! I'll wear my TWMX shirt today in honor of your most awsome mag and your birthday (since the mag wouldn't be much without ya) Have a good one man :yeehaw: Lee W.
  15. Crf250r / Crf250x

    Whoa, is it just me or does anyone else think that the CRF250 has a very funny looking cylinder head? Thats a really interesting design, look like the spark plug goes in at an angle. Sure doesn't look like a sleeved down 450... Honda put some real thought into this bike. Thank you Mr...
  16. Enduro Jackets

    I love my Clice trials jacket. It's light weight but very warm, water proof and the sleeves come off and it becomes a vest. I know Patman also uses the same jacket. I have also heard a lot of good things about the Moose XCR jacket, it was my 2nd pick but the Clice jacket was less $$$ and...
  17. Helmet Cam

    Has anyone used any of the mentioned cams? I asked a while ago but no one replied. Lee W.
  18. Scott's Performance parts

    My bike came with a Scotts damper from '98. It's a little faded but still works as well as ever. When I hear about product problems, well it makes me wonder what kind of abuse a person puts their bike through. Lee W.
  19. Best Helmet Cam?...

    Hello everyone, long time no see! My computer has been down for about 2 months and my sisters computer that I was using crashed every time I came on DRN... But thats all fixed, I have my comp back with the new hard drive and Win 2000 and it seems to work...sort of... In the time that I...
  20. Why Texans are so tough

    Thats a good one! Lee W.
  21. Brush with Greatness?

    My friend Brian and I met Mike Larocco and his wife at the Houston SX race this year. He is a real nice, down to earth guy. Lee W.
  22. Simple Green and Trail Tech Panoram computers

    Thanks for the info! I am getting one right after I buy a digital video cam. Lee W.
  23. usernames hard to differentiate and remember

    Was his name David Wilson? If so I know where he is! If not, then... Oh well. My name is just what it is. I'm Lee Wilson and I ride a 250...easy eh... Lee W.
  24. Air Filter Oil

    Well it?s time again to oil my air filter(s) and after this I will be almost out of Bell Ray filter oil. My question is what is another good air filter oil to use? I won?t use no-toil because I use an UNI air filter and I don?t want it ruined. I?ve been using Bell Ray for a long time but...
  25. EA sports freestyle ad!

    I really don't see the fun in that... I like the rabbits and deer I see when I'm out riding and I really feel no need to scare them. I also see no need to run over frogs and toads like so many people do down here in Houston... It's sick really, you should be nice to the bunnys and frogs...