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  1. a454elk

    Black friday ride

    Anyone up for riding friday, heading to miller canyon with a couple of guys. If you havent been there its moderate skill level, maybe a 50+ mile loop give or take. :ride:
  2. a454elk


    All I see are spiders in this place, wtf! I leave to protect a mall and this is what happens. The mall is safe now and I'm back, where the hell is everyone!? :ride: :moon:
  3. a454elk

    Got kicked out of Anaheim Supercross

    So here's the story, believe it or not. I am prefacing this by saying I had 0 alcoholic beverages last night prior to watching and while I was watching the Supercross. We had great seats, a friend of RC gave us the tickets. It was in the riders family section. We got to talk to alot of the...
  4. a454elk

    Tripping to Kansas City

    I'm headed to Kansas City, KS tomorrow morning and I need some good places to eat for dinner. I'll be downtown near the Federal building so any ideas would be great! Yes I like Mexican food Gomer but BBQ is what I'm interested in. Kansas City will never be the same after I leave... Elk
  5. a454elk

    Is this thing on??

    I walked past DRN the other day and saw that someone left the door open. I wasn't peeping just actually cutting the lawn out front. I figured I'd come in and grab a brew, watch the Speed channel and clean my bike in the living room. Sorry about the spot on the carpet Okie, I spilled some...
  6. a454elk

    Nov. 21 Ride, Miller Canyon

    Anyone up for a ride in Miller Canyon on the 21st? Saturday morning, pack your PB&J's and some water. If we have enough interest, we'll set it up! :ride:
  7. a454elk

    Saturday 3-21-09 Silverwood

    Riding Saturday the 21st, Silverwood Lake. Anyone wanting to join, it's a about a 50+ mile round trip, give or take, spark arrestor required along with adventure pass for vehicle. I'll check here later tonight to see if anyone wants to tag along. Not for the faint at heart, quad...
  8. a454elk

    Did I see what I thought I did?

    Hoping this wasn't already dicussed, couldn't find anything about it. Did I see that jackazz Reed give the middle finger to the mighty #14 at the finish of the last Supercross? When he made the U-turn after the finish line jump I do believe he flung the bird, correct me if I'm wrong please...
  9. a454elk

    Phelan Ride 3-15

    I'm headed out to Phelan on Saturday the 15th if anyone is interested. Haven't decided where I'll stage yet, open to thoughts. I was thinking to stage on the west side by the 138, saves a little drive time by not parking where we usually do. I know you need a forest pass so get one ready just...
  10. a454elk

    Riddle Me This

    Tell me why you would transport your bike with the silencer/muffler plug still seated in the hole it was designed for?? Curiosity nearly killed me once but this I gotta know.
  11. a454elk

    Compressing a video file

    I'm trying to compress a video file from a dvd I made from my video camera. The file is about 125 mb and I need to compress it so I can email it. What do I need to do to accomplish this? I have Nero and DVD Shrink, will these do the trick and if so, how? Thanks Elk
  12. a454elk

    CRF 250X Upgrade

    Well, I just picked up my 250X after having some great work done on it. It went from stock to the following changes: FMF Q4 pipe and powerbomb header pipe 160 Main jet change Airbox opened up Hot Cams stage one cam Changed to the "R" piston higher compression 13:1 Stock sprokets but I...
  13. a454elk

    Things I ponder...

    If Twinkie fell in the forest, would anyone hear? :think: If Twinkie only had a brain. :whoa: If Twinkie sends another dang sticker, will he eat solid food again? ;) Ho Ho Ho... To be continued...
  14. a454elk

    HD, 1080, Blue Ray...

    1) How long before the 1080i resolution threshold goes up so our tv's we just bought get outdated? 2) Blue Ray or HD DVD, which will win out and why? We just got HD on our Dish and I love it but I began to think about the 1080i threshold. What will the future hold? I'm in the market...
  15. a454elk

    What the heck?!

    It's like going into the grocery store and all of a sudden, the dang cereal has been moved. Okie, where the heck did you put my Captain Crunch?!! :whoa:
  16. a454elk

    Zio, where are you?

    Whatever happened to Zio??
  17. a454elk

    Ocotillo ride Nov 10th

    I have some friends doing a ride at Ocotillo on the 10th of November. I'll post more when it gets closer as to where and when we'll meet. Anyone up for a ride with some old guys, let me know. I'll most likely be there around 8am and ride till the afternoon then head home. We usually ride on...
  18. a454elk


    How often are you humbled by your bike. How long has it been since a crash has put you in your place. Do you get cocky and feel you are invincible. If this describes you, then you need to ride with me. I got down right humbled on Sunday. My bike reminded me that I am just a rider and can be...
  19. a454elk

    If you were to move to Georgia?

    I've heard alot about the state, some good, some bad, but I'd like to know where the premium place to live in Georgia would be. I'd like to be close to the ocean, I think. Let me hear what you've got to offer! Thanks Elk
  20. a454elk

    Merry Christmas to all my friends

    Been a while since I've been around. Lots of new news, and maybe old news to some, going on. In a nutshell; I'm a grandpa at 40, felt like being kicked in the nads My dog has only bit me twice in the last few months Been working 65+ hours a week lately Mrs. Elk changed jobs, see previous...
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    I've got a new laptop with a DVD burner in it and I want to copy my home DVD movies for backup or use in our car. Which DVD copy program works the best and will copy all purchased DVD movies?
  22. a454elk


    No photo to post but I have a few questions for Okie and such. By the way Okie, all of your photos are great! 1. Do you use any type of filters and if so, which ones? 2. What shutter speed do you normally shoot at, assuming it's outside daylight action type shot? 3. What ISO speed do...
  23. a454elk

    Some photos for your enjoyment

    Here's some stuff from when I was up north at the K-9 Academy. Some of these ar of Daktor at work, pulling peeps out of trucks and jumping in through the window. Then there are some of the k-9 compound and of lil elk and him. There's also one of a bite I got when one of the dogs, not mine...
  24. a454elk

    Crew Ride Dec. 31st

    Let's do this right and make it it's own topic!
  25. a454elk

    Been outta touch lately

    Just wanted to say Hi, and that I am still alive and kicking. For those that don't know, while at DW this year, Mrs. Elk called and told me that our house had flooded and the wood floors we had looked like a roller coaster. Of course, it happens when I was gone which made me feel helpless...