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  1. 9th Annual Almosta Race

    Lots of Oklahoma guys come to this race. Read post on AHSCS (Arkansas Hare Scramble Championship Series). Oklahoma boys took home 8 out of the 10 trophies last year. Come camp on New Year's Eve if you can.
  2. 9th Annual Almosta Race

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I have been on the site. Many of you will remember Will Pattison from Dirt Week and MSR. This is a great event for a great cause. See Flier below: (I don't think the flier came out in the same format) 9TH ANNUAL ALMOSTA RACE JANUARY 1, 2010 TEAM...
  3. OMA National at Wildcat Ranch

    Look for the UORR website. I think I saw something in the rules here that says we can't post other websites (correct me if I'm wrong someone). The OMA schedule and flier for this race should be there. You can call me at 479-752-3564. Get an Atlas and come to Decatur, Arkansas. Take Hwy 59...
  4. OMA National at Wildcat Ranch

    This should be a super race. This weekend April 9 & 10. The PRO line is going to be very impressive - with a $1000.00 Hole Shot - it also should be very interesting. We have some of the best riding (approximately 20 miles of trail) in Northwest Arkansas and the Ozarks. With Snook making the...
  5. Mini SX

    Is anyone going to the Mini SX in Las Vegas in May?
  6. free race at xtremeworld friday

    Will there be a Pit Bike event?
  7. Can I crash this party?

    I'll tell him. We have been gone since Thursday doing the White Rock Enduro. I think they had 270 riders and Mike was 10th overall. Enduro's are not his normal deal. You know Mike - not enough attention span to watch that computer. He had rather hare scramble, so he can just get on that...
  8. Snook Wallpaper

    The picture is of the Moose Run, but he actually finished both the Moose Run and The Race.
  9. Can I crash this party?

    That's no way to talk about someone that just taught you a new game. They came up with a new one yesterday, called "Kick the Tire". They were riding their Xtreme Pit Bikes while kicking a 4-wheeler tire. The object is to keep it rolling, but they haven't come up with all the rules yet. It...
  10. Can I crash this party?

    Our next event will be October 1 & 2, an Arkansas Hare Scramble. Don't know if you're into Trials, but Tulsa has a great Trials club, North Eastern Oklahoma Trials Team - NEOTT. Mike competed for two years but took last year off to do the OMA. He is going to try and do a few trials events...
  11. OMA National in Arkansas

    Mike will be riding Sunday - don't know what row, and I will be working a check with Red Vanzant and his crew.
  12. Snook Wallpaper Just what everyone wants! Thought this was pretty neat though, and if you'll go to and go to the 05 Wallpaper by Tom Webb/DirtBike there's several pics of Shane Watts, Jimmy Jarrett, et al, at Wildcat. The picture of Mike is at...
  13. OMA National in Arkansas

    We do have a few hills and hollers, and a couple of off-camber places. Are you riding White Rock Enduro this weekend? We are headed there tonight.
  14. OMA National in Arkansas

    Oklahoma's own Tony Joiner will be here to spectate with you. Tony broke both his arms a couple of weeks ago, and will not be healed enough to race. He is coming to stay the week with us and be around just to hang out. It should be a good race. Take a look at the UORR website and the 05...
  15. Can I crash this party?

    I work in Rogers in Village on the Creeks. Mike is and excavator and works all over Benton County. We live between Decatur and Gravette off of Hwy 59. Depending on which side of the lake you sister lives on, you could be at our house in 30 minutes from the near side and 1 hour from the far...
  16. Looking for ideas on a bike for the wife...

    Want an answer from a woman? The TTR125 is like the best woman's beginner bike. I have a CRF230 and I like it, but I am pretty tall and the fit is good. The TTR is lower and just feels so good.
  17. Can I crash this party?

    Wildcat Ranch is not a public riding area. It's our home. We have approximately 400 acres with approximately 20 miles of tight, technical woods trail. We host two races a year. One OMA National and one Arkansas Hare Scramble. We do an annual benefit Team race on New Years Day, and the...
  18. OMA National in Arkansas

    Mike and I are hosting the first round of the OMA Nationals at the Wildcat Ranch in NW Arkansas on April 9 & 10. Come Hare Scramble with us. So far, here is a list of the PROS that we are expecting: Watts, Calkins, Kanney, Pederson, Summers, Williamson, Diaz, Fish, Atwood, McLevy, Raines...
  19. Can I crash this party?

    For all you woods racers in TX, Mike and I are hosting the first round of the OMA Nationals at the Wildcat Ranch (Wildcat 100) in NW Arkansas (about 5 hours from Dallas) on April 9 & 10. We have the best of the Ozarks. See flyer and all details on UORR website.
  20. Barrell Racing

    Snook said they just paced it off for the first one, then set the rest the same. They just used the space that was available. He couldn't remember, but he did say if you figure it out and practice real hard all year, they guarantee to set them closer together this year, or maybe farther apart.
  21. Is a place to race considered a place to ride?

    Hey guys, it's Mike and Mary from Arkansas. On April 9 and 10 we are having an OMA National at Wildcat Ranch. Your about 3 hours from Cooperland (just to give you an idea). Check out the UORR website. The flyer says Pro riders that are expected to attend are: Watts, Calkins, Kanney...
  22. Hey Snook

    We picked the truck up Friday afternoon, with new transmission. I still seems to be running fine. We will be on our way to Morrison, IL this Friday for "The Race". It's an OMA National Hare Scramble. It will only be two laps, but the laps are 40 miles. Bill Gusse puts on one heck of a race...
  23. Hey Snook

    Don't wait until next year. Load up that Labatt's and come to Arkansas this winter when you have no place to ride. Glad you liked the DVD. We do have a super place, we feel very blessed, and love to share it. We will be having another OMA National in April, 05. Had six guys from Canada...
  24. Back Home

    Mike and I made it home about 11:00 am Sunday. Just a 3 1/2 hour drive for us. The new transmission seems to be working fine. Mike washed all four bikes while I unloaded the trailer. What a great week and a great bunch of people.
  25. <<< Final Event Schedule - Awesome Stuff! >>>

    Please put Mike Snook in the Malcolm Smith #3 and the Larry Roeseler off-road clinic #1.