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  1. By the way, Dungey's heading to KTM next year

    it kinda makes sense with Short out of the picture for a while too, interesting!
  2. Undilla (Spoiler)

    I had to laugh everytime Dungey would try to make a move on Barcia he would end up backing off 5 or more bike lengths to avoid marble sized roosted rocks. Something im sure he's not used to....
  3. Audience Channel?

    the same show also airs on fuel tv (618) they are in their second season now reviewing the 2010 stuff. Moto is finally starting to get a little more coverage, good stuff for sure!
  4. What front tire?

    what kind of front tire do i need to match up with a rear paddle tire for sand, or does it make any difference? Dave.
  5. 03 kx 500 pinging

    All the big 2 stroke engines will make a noticable pinging sound especially when putting around or blipping the throttle off idle. If the motor is struggling to make power there are many things to look at but i would start with fresh premium gas and recommended oil. :ride:
  6. KTM Enduro Team going 2stroke

    I remember reading where one 4T team burned through their entire motor budget after the first race, (last year i believe) when one of the bikes sucked some sand. They took what money was left and cobbled together a 2T and finished the season respectably. 2 strokes will never die and thanks to...
  7. 2011 Ram 1500 Laramie

    My wife and i purchased a 2011 Ram back in February and overall im pleased with the truck, however lately i am starting to notice several blemishes on the exterior finish of the truck. The tailgate has orange peel in the clear that looks like it was buffed out (somewhat), the chrome on the...
  8. 250 Update (Also a Dad update).

    i Ditto SS109! yall have a lot to be thankful for, now you guys can get back to the important stuff like getting the 250 back on the track!! :) Dave,
  9. Question about buying a spare rim / wheel.

    Check your local Kawi (or other) dealer, he may have a couple of old basket cases out back that still have the wheels.
  10. MX 175 --- premix in magneto cover?

    If it's worth putting a price on, maybe it's worth trying to fix. Otherwise if you really need the money then try to sell it as is... otherwise just give it to the kid who mows your lawn or something like that.
  11. Whoohooo! I Found My Bike!!!!

    That corner looks like soooo much fun! Is that a 120 tire on the back?
  12. Oil leaking from countershaft

    OK, parts are ordered and the old seal and sleeve are out. Thanks all! Dave
  13. Oil leaking from countershaft

    OK, so there is an o-ring and a seal and both should be replaced......? Where is the best place to order OEM? my last dealer order took 9 days to come in :|
  14. Oil leaking from countershaft

    It looks like oil is leaking from the countershaft on my 08' Honda 450R. Never had this prob before so i assume there is an oil seal or O-ring behind the sproket thats leaking. Is this a DIY repair, if so how big a job is it to repair? THANKS! Dave
  15. Suspension for a "Master" class rider

    Thanks all, thats what i wanted to hear. Its a big investment but will be a necessary one if im going to stay in this and have fun. I'll check into MX Tech shop first! Dave.
  16. Suspension for a "Master" class rider

    Im looking for some advise or tips on setting up suspension for a 50+ rider. Im pushing 50 now and weigh around 210lb. I ride mostly rough trail stuff but like to hit the track now and then at an int. level. I love my 08 CRF 450 but the suspension is quickly taking it's toll on my aged frame. I...
  17. San Manuel MX

    I think im becoming a closet Malcom i need help or is there something different about him?
  18. What lubes are on your shelf??

    I still have a full quart of Trop Artic motor oil that to the best of my knowlage has not moved from it's place on the shelf since the 70's. I guess it's still there just in case..........?
  19. Front Brake grabbing

    I have been thinking about the bark busters since i seem to be doing more and more trail riding, finding saw tooth busters might difficult to locate but is something i am game for making. I found out that one of my caliper seals had bulged out and not rolled like it origionally appeared.
  20. Circlips

    It would be nice to see a real circlip in there, the kind that a simple tool could remove and install but that would take all of the fun :bang: out of it... I have learned as much about patience from working on 4strokes as i have raising teenagers, my problem is i have a short memory!
  21. New season- Need new tyres.

    Im goona try some Pirelli's this year, the BStones work pretty well for most int. soils and would be a safe choice. My current tire is a dunlop 756, which i bought because they were cheap but dont last very long on our hard pack tracks.
  22. Front Brake grabbing

    Mech at the honda shop said to check the seals in the caliper and sure enough, one of the seals had appearantly "rolled" in the sealing groove and was binding one of the pistons. New ones are pretty cheap and im getting really fast at the whole tear down/reassembly/bleeding process, im just a...
  23. Front Brake grabbing

    The front brake on my CRF450 doesn't want to completly release from the disk. I noticed this after replacing the piston and seals on the master cylinder. Now i have completly disassembled and cleaned the caliper, reinstalled everything and bled the system. Pads are fairly new end everything else...
  24. airoh helmet "warranty"

    Warranties usually only apply to defects in workmanship or quality of materials that fail or are less than adequate upon purchase. It's not really insurance!
  25. How to clean a seat?

    I use a Mister Clean Magic Sponge! Boot marks on rear fender......gone Handle grip scum......gone White boot fade.......gone Aluminum frame scum....gone Graphic scum.....gone Steering wheel scum....gone Get the picture? IM GONE....!