Hey all,
I have a '94 RM250 that I've had since new. I pretty much quit riding it in late '99 when I got my "00XR4. I get it out once a month to start it up and run it up and down the block some.

It was during one of these times last year that while starting it the idle/choke knob shaft snapped. I ordered and installed a genuine replacement. Since then, this thing will not idle below a fast idle. The install of the new idle/choke looked to be a no brainer, but now after fooling around with the idle, jetting, air screw, checking for air leaks and everything else I can think of, I'm wondering if its install is more detail oreinted than I thought.

I can crank the idle down off of fast idle but it won't idle moderately slow. I can hold the throttle barely cracked open to make it idle like it should, so I've adjusted the throttle cable to hold the slide slightly up. I know this is the wrong way to do it, but for now it's the only way I can get it to idle right.

Does the distance that the idle/choke assy. screws down into its bore on the carb have an effect on idle?

Thanks for any help. I'm trying to sell this thing and it's a great bike other than this nagging problem.