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    04 rm disconnect tps?

    saw a post in the files about disconnecting the tps on the 03 rm 250's, anyone ever notice any drawbacks to pulling the plug?? Im all for a little more on top but not if it hurts the lower end. Btw,, my 04rm 250 seems jetted really fat stock, lots of spooge, will do some testing tomorow. Im mx only, running r50 at between 32:1 and 36:1 never had the spooge at this ratio from my cr, but maybe its just the stock jetting on the rm?I hear they are usually jetted fat stock. will sort it out tomorow. Anyhow I really like the rm, its a little more squirrley in the high speed chop than the cr, but corners better and can pull out of turns with less clutch.

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    Most bikes are jetted pretty rich from the factory, unless you live somewere in the arctic circle...

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    i have an 01' rm 250 and i disconnected the tps a couple weeks ago it really seems to just make the powerband hit harder i cant tell if its actually making more power or if it just feels that way. i liked it better before so im going to reconnect it.

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