Hello just a couple of questions.....
I have a mid 80s honda xr200cc engine sitting on a grass kart whitch has been modified at the top end but no high compresstion piston due to not willing to over rev engine.
Also due to mods i have replaced the xr200 carb with a bigger 250cc carb of whitch i just cannot remember what bike it has come from.
The carb in question is a keihin/pd/73aaudy with a acc pump.
questions as follows are
1. What bike did this carb come of
2. When adjusting the float hight am i adjusting to the bigger carb float specs or to the xr200cc specs.
3. When i tune in carb....ie pilot screw adjustment, needle jet adjustment, air screw adjustment...... These type adjustments am i setting this lardger carb up to xr200cc carb specs or to the 250cc carb specs.
Many thanks and hope you can help.