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    Even for free, it is a bad idea/waste of time. But from the kdx crowd? If he charges a bunch of money, it must be worth it! The rb website highly endorsed it! Vintage Bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by yotahawk07
    well looking at the weight wise it would add about 4 lbs which is nbd when your 175 ld on a 250 and the integerity of the plastics would be far more then bare but i just dont want it eating the plastic but i think im going to give it a shot on some of my old ktm **** and you can paint it what ever color you want so i dont think it will be ugly but thanks for everyones input
    4 pounds clean but ride in any mud and you are going to have 20 + pounds. I cant imagine any circumstance where linex would give you any advantage over bare plastic. I put 303 protectant on the underside of my fenders to help keep the mud from sticking. What is it you are trying to accomplish besides destroying its resale value?

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