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    Can new forks make a big difference on an old bike?

    I'm really lovin' my 1992 Yamaha WR500 - It's finally tuned and running where it'll putt around the woods all day, but then rip the trail up in every other gear - plenty of power for me.

    So I was wondering though - would there be any advantage to grafting on some late model KYB S.S.S. forks from a 2006 - newer YZ250 onto my machine? Are these forks that much superior to my old 1992 KYBs, that with adjustments to spring rates, dampening, and valving, I would be able to see a big difference in terms of trail comfort?

    Part of what also drives this is the braking system of my WR - My rotor is warped & is also discontinued: it's tiny (about the same diameter as an old YZ125) and expensive, and the brake cable is also in need of replacement. The hub is uniquely WR500 and quite rare. So I figured a fork upgrade would also enable me to move to a better brake & wheel with easier-to-find parts.

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    I say, yes, it would be a huge improvement. You would be updating to newer technology and parts with less hours on them. It would also take care of your brake problem and be a big improvement over the original. Lastly, parts availability is better and you will have more options. Just make sure you have them setup for your type of riding and your weight.

    BTW, I did a later model change on my KDX and it has made a world of difference. I would never even dream of going back to the original forks and front brake.

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