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Thread: 2000 Kx100

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    2000 Kx100

    I am considering getting a 2000 KX100 for my kid, does anyone have any comments good or bad reguarding this particular bike.

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    The KX 100 is a good bike , but if you plan on racing it , you will have to race with the 125's. I've seen this bike used for a 13-15 yr old kid that is real advanced on a 80 and wants to ride against the 125's , but his 80 didnt have the horse power.
    Hope this helps, Walt

    PS...probely should have put this post in help and advice or the KX, YZ, RM , Forum

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    A more detailed description of your son would definitely help solicit the advice you're looking for. I've got seven bikes siting in my garage and my son who just turned 11 this month has gone through 3 of them! he just got a KX 85 for his birthday and I hope this lasts a least 3 years. He's gone though 3 previous bikes in the past 18 months.

    The KX 100 is a great bike depending on your son's:

    --riding skill level/temperment (agressive vs. laid back)
    --use: track or trail; % of both and where you ride

    Also, I'd ride the bike myself first. I did before I bought my son his KX 85 and I decided to weight a while before we made the switch. No kidding, on a straight away roll on start we were dead even until I hit 4th gear on my 00 YZ 250. The power to weight ratio makes those little bikes and riders really fly!

    Good hunting!


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    I had a 2000 KX100 for about a year for a wife's bike/play bike. I think it's an awesome bike. Bigger than an 80, just smaller than a 125. Great suspension, killer motor, great looking. And I do believe the story about an 85 staying with a 250. The kx100 was faster than most 125's I've ever ridden.

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