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    JR50 Centrifical Clutch Adjustment

    My 7 year old, 50 lb sons has just stated riding a 2000 Suzuki JR50 but has quickly gotten to the point that he wants to go 'into the woods' with me. He is riding well but the annoying thing is that he is so limited by the slippage of the clutch he can't go up anything but the smallest hills. I realized that this was a limitation of the bike when I bought it new but didn't expect him to get to this point so quickly.

    My question is: Is there anything to adjust in the clutch to reduce the built in slippage? I can't afford another bike at this point but he is quickly getting beyond the limitations of this one. My daughters XR70 has an automatic clutch but it seems to engage much more positively and will even haul my 220lbs around (and up hills) if I ask it to. A friend told me that is because Honda uses a completely different clutch system than Suzuki.

    Second question: I have been told that there is a 'hidden' second gear on the JR50 that can only be unleashed by grinding or modifying certain parts. Does anyone know more about this?

    Third question: I realize that the JR50 is not now and never was intended to be a powerful bike but are there any quick cheap modifications that can be done to the stock bike to give it more power? I removed the restrictors from the exhaust and input manifolds. To me, it wouldn't make sense to dump money into a pipe or expensive add ons.

    Once again, I knew the limitations of the bike when I bought it but never expected him to get to this position so quickly. He is too small for the XR70.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I have seen some info in the "hidden" second gear. It is a lower gear. Apparantly, everthing is there but the shifter will not allow you to select the gear. You need to pull the cover under the shifter. Put the shifet back on and watch the metal plate that limits the shifter travel. The hidden gear is on the other side of neutral from the existing gear. You just need to grind clearance in the metal plate. I have not doen this mod myself but you could perform a search on JR50 and get more info. The info I saw mentioned using a shop vac to suck up the grinding residue and several oil changes after the mod.

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