I put up a wanted add on Craigslist looking to buy a bike and I have recieved countless e-mails from people looking to buy my bike and have it shipped to some other place other than where they live. I'm not selling a bike. I enjoy responding to them and calling them retards. Here are two of the e-mails I have recieved.

Dear seller,
i am Jeff garry i live at MIRAMAR, FL , i saw the

advert of the motorcyle that was posted at the website i am
highly willing to purchase it asap and am hoping you will be

glad to sell it for
me ,let me know your final selling price also i will like some

pics attachment if
available . as per payment method i will not be able to make

payment in CASH due
to the fact that i will
be leaving the state tomorrow on speculative purpose. but

payment would
be issued out to you by my colleague immediately...... My

method of payment are

as follows...
certified check or bank check

i will have my colleague handle the
payment, my colleague is presently in the state. i will have

him make payment to

you immediately upon your term of payment preferred .

Those are the only means of payment I can offer you
now due to my departing schedule, and i will like us to trust

each other that
is to say to be on the the same hand am make the transaction

smooth , as per the
pick up, You should not worry i have a reputable shipping

agent that will come
down to your house for the pick up as soon as payment was

done and cleared in
your account.

if you preferred check send me the info below...

1,Name to be written on check...........................
2,Address to send the check.................................
3,Your contact telephone number...............................
4. final selling price.......

Await your response.
Best regards

I would like to purchase your motorcycle and i have a couple of questions.
Are you the orignal owner?
I wanna know a breakdown of work that has been done on the engine to the best of your knowledge?
I want to know your final pricing?
I stay in Missouri but i will be having the bike shipped to Alabama.
I want to know your final price
If its acceptable by you, email me more pics and let me know Details.
Mikel john.