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    For Sale/Wanted forum rules

    "FOR SALE/WANTED" forum rules
    Welcome to the For Sale/Wanted Forum. Anything related to riding in the dirt can and will be sold here. The rules for this forum are pretty simple, so please read and follow them accordingly. Thank you.


    (if you don't I will nuke your post so fast it will make your head spin)

    1.) Please list the item that is for sale or wanted with the YEAR, BRAND, MODEL, and SIZE/COLOR (if clothing).

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    2.) Please list where you are from, and how to get in touch with you.

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    3.) If you are selling an item please make sure to include your asking price. If you are looking to purchase an item please list how much you would like to spend.

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    4.) If you have sold or located an item please post a reply or email me (Mully) that you have done so. I will then close your post.

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    5.) Please "DO NOT" list any type of Auction website for your ad (****, yahoo, etc). A full discription is a must or your post will be deleted.
    As a matter of fact, don't even refer to any type of auction sites or I will place a curse on you.......

    ****** NO SPAMMING ********

    6.)Unless you have paid for an ad banner, or have made an arrangement with the owner of this site: ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    7.) So there will be no questions about what it means when using
    "OR BEST OFFER" (O.B.O.) in this forum. Example: I post an item for sale, I want $500.00/OBO, if no one offers the full price, I will take the highest offer that is under my asking price. If you do not want less then what you are asking "DO NOT" use "OR BEST OFFER".

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    8.) If you have an item for sale that is simular to someone elses, please do not post your item in that persons for sale add. Please create your own.

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    9.) DRN is not responsible for any transaction between members. Your HONESTY and INTEGRITY is very important to all of the members of this site.

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    10.) Please check your spelling. If I can not translate your post I will delete it and ask you to try again.

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    11.) There is more then one page of adds. It takes about one and a half days for your add to fall to the second page if no one posts a reply. If you no longer see your add on the first page, check the other pages.

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    12.) Please do not "bump up" your post everyday. Every third day would be fine.

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    13.) Please only list your items for sale in this forum and not in any other.

    ****** NO SPAMMING *********

    Thank You,

    ps, did I mention ??????
    ****** NO SPAMMING *********
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