So you just posted a few minutes ago, maybe yesterday. You come back to find it's missing!

"I asked a simple question about a CR125 sprocket in the general forum and some %*&%$ moderator deleted it!"

Hint: it was probably moved to the correct forum. The easy way to find it? Use the search and put in your user name. Bingo, there's your post.

Of course, if you posted profanity or something else listed in the no-no part of the Forum Policies you agreed to when you joined (remember skipping over that text and clicking "Accept"?)... it may have been deleted. The moderator may have elected to take the time to edit your post saying something like "NO PROFANITY". Honestly? When someone posts something that's obviously out of line, the moderator will probably not waste any time and just click the handy "delete" button.

DRN is intended to be a "kid safe" environment, we remove or edit posts that don't fall within that concept.