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  1. Xr100R rear tire fit???

    I bought a paddle tire for my xr and its coming in tomorrow kind of to late but will a 90-100-16 fit ? ive been looking everywhere but no answers
  2. 2001 KTM 400 exc issues

    Hey i bought a used 2001 ktm 400 exc a few weeks back. The bike ran well but leaked a little gas upon starting. No issues until the last time i rode it for a solid 2 hours the bike died out on me. Now the kickstarter is completely stuck in place at the top, and the clutch has no pressure to it...
  3. Tadjohnston

    Help 2001 Rm125 need assistance

    Riding on the road on the long weekend, sounded like the top end went. When you go to kick it over the kick start was hard as hell but still moved. Would not run though. Took off the head, on certain strokes of the kick starter you can push the piston down, on some not. Kick start still very...
  4. Coolant Problem.

    Ok I have a 2007 yz250f and every time I ride it for a while I'll come back and coolant will drip out of the overflow. Every other forum really hasn't helped me with this so i'm hoping this one will. The bike runs fine and isn't overheating it just keeps dripping coolant out of the overflow...