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  1. 2003 Suzuki rm100 for adult

    Hi dirtriders, Im planing to buy an 03 Suzuki rm100 for me, I’m 30 years old, 5’7 and weight about 170 lbs. I want a small dirty bike to ride it on a few small trails and empty lots close to my house, nothing fancy, just to ride around on a Sunday morning and get a little dirty. I’ve tested a...
  2. Tadjohnston

    Help 2001 Rm125 need assistance

    Riding on the road on the long weekend, sounded like the top end went. When you go to kick it over the kick start was hard as hell but still moved. Would not run though. Took off the head, on certain strokes of the kick starter you can push the piston down, on some not. Kick start still very...
  3. K1 RM125 sounds bad.No idea why.

    It sounds like running rich, but the spark plug is nice brown, and i have just replaced my crank seals. My ignition is retarded a bit. Running on 95octane, not better with 100 octane. Premixing with motul710 1:40. The bike pulls great, but sounds bad for me. The bike was rebuilt and I ran...