1979 Ktm 420 Mc80 Trail Ride


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
Basically was shamed by the guys racing this weekend to get my ass moving... So I began the process ..slowly, of returning to the riding world.. Here is a Vid of the starting point. That Old KTM is a great place to start! Amazing that after all these years it lit right off in four or five kicks.....

And a little video time of the guys collecting their trophies.... watching them race was the inspiration to try to re-engage. A great group of folks.

(AND we are hosting yet again the North East Husqvarna Gathering in two weeks here on the farm. Hope to have that KTM in a better place by then. Me too. All vintage two shock, no disc brake dirt bikes are welcome. The New stuff should be Husqvarna..)